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Boiler Replacement Cost Guide – Considering replacement boiler costs

boiler replacement cost guideIn the case your old boiler has jumped ship, you’re going into a new house or just want an upgrade, our boiler replacement cost guide provides invaluable pricing and cost information for different kinds of boilers, including condensing boilers, intergas boilers, oil boilers, ecogen boilers, and central heating boilers. Our guide will also assist you pick an alternative boiler, employ a boiler engineer, and understand more about grants, guidelines and regulations.

Choosing a replacement boiler

When selecting a new boiler you’ll need to consider:

1) Whether to pick a regular system boiler or perhaps a combi-boiler. Regular system boilers are great for families with extensive hot water needs and have a separate cylinder to keep hot water in. For smaller houses with just one toilet or less extensive hot water needs, a combi-boiler might be a better alternative. The combi-boiler heats water on-demand and doesn’t get a hot water tank so that it may squeeze into smaller areas.

2) Which fuel to work with – this will probably be established by where you reside and which fuel you currently heat with. Gasoline is easily the most famous heating fuel within the UK; employed by 69% of houses, says the Department of Energy and Climate-change. In accordance with Which? gas is also the cheapest heat source. Electrical boilers and oil are somewhat more costly all around, but are great alternatives should you stay off the gas mains.

3) Which make of boiler you select – there are numerous well-known boiler manufacturers to select from such Ecogen as Vaillant, Baxi, Intergas etc. Look around to get the boiler for the property.

Condensing replacement boiler costs

Under part L of UK boiler regulations (pdf), all new boilers should be condensing models, which are as much as 25% more efficient than non-condensing boilers. Condensing boilers recover more heat from waste gases, making them cheaper to operate and much more eco-friendly. There are several rare instances where you might be unable to set up a condensing boiler, for instance, if it can’t be placed safely, despite the assistance of a long flue. A heating engineer will supply you with a security to demonstrate this, if this is really the situation an expert will provide you with a certification of proof and you will be able to install a non-condensing model instead. Charges for condensing boilers will change depending on size as well as make; here are some example costs:

-Ideal Logic+ 24 combi boiler including flue and Fernox filter pack  £879.60

-Ideal Logic+ 30 Combi Boiler w/ Flue and Fernox Filter Pack £966.00

-A gasoline Perfect Logic Code combi condensing boiler prices £1,250

-A Grant Vortex wall hung outside oil condensing boiler prices £1, 50

-Intergas Combi Compact ECO RF combi boiler  24 £1,438

– Combi Compact HRE 24/18 £1,039

Intergas replacement boiler costs

If you’re buying replacement combi-boiler, Intergas makes high efficiency condensing boilers that are excellent for the surroundings and certainly will save money on your own fuel bills with time. Prices differ, for example:

A combi streamlined HRE version costs between £704.09 and £855.29 ( according to size)

Oil boiler replacement costs

Should you reside in a rural area which isn’t about the gas or electrical mains, you might be required to set up a replacement oil boiler. You can find a broad variety of oil boilers to select from; pick one that’s the appropriate size for the house’s heating and hot water needs. Some example costs for oil-fired boilers are available below:

A Worcester Greenstar Carway outside system oil boiler will cost £2,100
A Grant Vortex Pro Outside combi petroleum boiler costs £2,310
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 12Ri 12kW Conventional Boiler ERP (3437H) £840,93

Based on Which? It’ll cost around £1,355 annually to operate an oil boiler (based on heat and hot water for a three-bedroom, semidetached, well-insulated house). Oil boilers can cost in general between £1,180 and £2,410, depending on size and type.

Electrical replacement boiler costs

Despite the fact that it’s more affordable to operate a gas boiler; with the price of gas set to climb drastically, installing an electrical boiler might be a great choice:

A replacement electrical boiler will cost from around £500, according to what size you pick and make
Which? estimates that an electrical boiler will cost around £1,600 annually to operate

Ecogen replacement boiler costs

Baxi Ecogen boilers supply gas, central heating and hot water along with equipping your house with electricity as a bi-product. This could cut your annual gas expenses by £600 and your carbon emissions by around 40%. Although they’ll save you much more off your gas expenses when compared with standard boilers; Baxi Ecogen boilers are available in distinct sizes and cost more than your typical boiler. A Baxi Ecogen prices:

£781.48 from
£7,127,82 from

Average Boiler repair cost

Overall, it’s more affordable to fix a boiler rather than change it entirely. However, it is a good idea to always seek guidance from an experienced boiler engineer to determine whether you should fix or replace. Taking out boiler insurance might be a great thought to cover the expense of any unforeseen repairs; without insurance you’ll frequently pay an increased fix charge.

Yearly boiler repair insurance costs between £324 and £156 from British Gas

Other boiler repair costs will fluctuate contingent in the issue, the region you reside in along with the kind of boiler you’ve got. You’re likely to need to cover expensive crisis callout costs (notably in winter), plus hourly charges. Usually get at least three estimates before you employ repair work to be carried out by a boiler engineer

Central heating boiler cost

Select from either a system or combi-boiler to supply hot water and central heating for your house. The cost of central heating boilers will change depending on which place you reside in, the true size of your house and whether you need radiators/a heating distribution system installed also.

A heating only Potterton Promax 30 HE Plus boiler prices £850

Hiring a boiler engineer

When replacing your boiler regularly, ensure you hire a capable engineer for security functions. Pick the appropriate kind of engineer to set up your boiler:

Gas boiler replacement – legally anyone who replaces, repairs or services gas boilers has to be Gas Safe documented
Electric boiler replacement – hire a competent electrician who will adhere to British Standards 7671: 2008 Conditions for Electrical Installations
Oil boiler replacement – ideally, hire an associate of OFTEC, the Oil Firing Technical Association
Solid-fuel burning boilers – employ a HETAS registered engineer to replace your boiler

Boiler replacement grants

You might be given a grant for replacing your boiler through 1 of these schemes:

The Scottish boiler scrappage scheme – should you reside in Scotland obtain £400 off the price of replacing your old boiler with a fresh energy-saving recommended product
The Warm Front scheme – those in England can receive up-to £3,500 off the price of replacing their boiler when they meet qualification requirements
Warm Homes scheme – the same scheme to Warm Front for occupants in Northern Ireland
The Fuel Poverty scheme – for Welsh citizens
Energy provider grants – energy suppliers are obliged under Carbon-emission Reduction Goal recommendations to provide grants for boiler replacement to vulnerable clients
Local authorities grants – talk with your local authority to determine whether you’re qualified for a grant to the expense of replacing your boiler

Boiler replacement regulations

When replacing your boiler, it’s crucial that you simply comply with UK setup regulations for energy-efficiency objectives and also to keep your house safe:

Planning permission – you must acquire planning permission when replacing your boiler when the job involves fitting a flue beyond your house
Building rules – need all new boilers to be rated An or 88% effective in the SEDBUK scale
When replacing your boiler heating controls should be installed. Heating controls can help you save 280kg and £55 of CO2 each year, states the Energy-saving Trust

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