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The benefits of patio covers – Add value to your home!

If you’re worried about not getting the most out of your patio, a specially made patio cover might be just the solution you’re looking for Find out more about the benefits of patio covers here.

Whether you fancy an outdoor breakfast space, a luxurious open-plan dining area or simply a spot for those summer BBQ’s, home patio covers are a patio coversgreat investment. Unfortunately for UK residents though, frequent rainfall can keep you and your family stuck indoors for weeks on end, and before long all that beautiful decking or luxurious pavestone can start to look like nothing more than a big waste of your hard-earned cash. But there is an answer – one that won’t cost you the earth!

Specially Made Patio Covers

Specially made patio covers are becoming an increasingly popular way to keep your patio looking as clean and crisp as when you first had it laid, allowing you to get the maximum use from your original investment all year-round – whatever the weather! If you still need a little persuading, here’s an outline of the benefits of patio covers:

  • Patio covers don’t only offer great protection for your decking area against rain, but will also lend you and your family additional screening against harmful UV rays in the summer too – making your patio weather resistant in almost any season.
  • Adding a covered patio will also shield delicate plants from harsh weather conditions, keeping them looking healthier for longer. It will also save you the trouble of constantly hiding away or covering your garden furniture every time you see gray clouds on the horizon.
  • Most patio covers are made of aluminium or steel, so they are extremely sturdy and secure options for protecting your patio area.
  • Strong materials mean patio covers are unlikely to crack, fade, rot or warp over time, and need little maintenance or upkeep over their long lifespan. In fact most patio professionals will now give anything up to a twenty year guarantee – making a patio cover a lifelong investment.
  • Such metal frames are usually also available in a simple, flat-pack design – so they can be erected by either you or a professional patio installer with minimal fuss in a matter of days.
  • Patio covers don’t usually have walls, but if you’re worried about the rigidity of these standalone models they can be attached to a side wall of your home for additional support – just make sure you ask the contractor about this before they get started.
  • There are also a wide range of aesthetic options available for your new patio cover; they can be purchased in a variety of shades and sizes, and can even be made to resemble brickwork or flagstone to match the exterior of your property.
  • If you don’t want complete cover – just something that will offer a little extra shade for your seating or dining area – you can even opt for a trellis patio cover. The ceiling is basically patterned as a metal or wooden grill, giving you just the right amount of sun for your patio area. Such designs also come with a rolling vinyl cover if requested – so once again rain doesn’t have to be a problem either!
  • Finally, you can customise your new patio cover as you please, perhaps installing specialist solar lighting on the side pillars, or even fitting an overhead ceiling fan – just make sure you have enough money before signing up for these more luxurious options.

How much does a patio cover cost?

Coastal Patio designPatio covers are available from a wide range of contractors and retailers, and can even be purchased and ordered online, all in one go. Just make sure you’re getting in touch with a reputable patio installation company, as these harsh economic times are perfect for opportunistic ‘cowboy’ builders to claim a standard of professionalism and do little other than disappear with your money.

The patio cover cost will vary, depending on the size needed and the final design you choose, but look to pay somewhere between £25 and £100 for a standard steel frame patio cover, and anything up to £500 for a more complex model. You might think that an outdoor patio covering is a bit of an unneeded luxury, but if you’ve already shelled out for a fancy patio area you’re doing no more than covering your costs – and ensuring you have an outdoor space that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

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