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Bed bugs in Liverpool – households nightmare

bed bugs in liverpoolBed bugs in Liverpool – Cimex lectularius, widely known as bed bugs are amongst common Liverpool household pests in, but the uncommon fact is that these bed bugs in Liverpool are extremely hard to remove without the help of professional local pest control companies in Liverpool. These flat, reddish-brown insects feed on blood and become more active during night, when the host is asleep. They are 4 – 5 millimetres in size, about as big as an apple seed. A major reason for concern is the fact they reproduce in a phenomenal speed. A single female bed bug deposits one to five eggs a day, up to 200 – 500 eggs in a lifetime. Do the math and multiply to see the size of the problem in case a few of them finds their way to your habitat.

Even though these dangerous blood suckers are not officially considered a public health pest, they can make your life a living hell once they infest the house and start colonies on and around your bed sheets. Bed bugs suck the blood of their host by piercing the skin, later causing redness, swelling and itching because of the compounds in their saliva. They are known to be very dangerous in case of biting allergic people, causing anaphylaxis attacks.

Easy to pick up, hard to get rid of

These tiny creatures are highly resilient. Bed bugs can survive without feeding for up to 18 months in hibernation, and easily nestle in various environments making them very difficult to completely remove from your home. Some of their favourite locations are motel rooms and dormitories of all kinds. You can easily pick them up while packing and carry them in the luggage to your home. Once they are there, they will do anything to stay for a while.

If you have bed bugs in your home, you’ll know it. They can easily be seen crawling on sheets, but even if you don’t notice them, since they tend to hide after feeding, signs of their presence are hard to miss. As bed bugs grow, they shed their skins you can notice laying around or on your bed. In bed bugs infested homes, you can find faecal stains on the mattress and linen, as well as blood stains on pyjamas and sheets.  One thing you will not be able to miss are itching red welts on your skin, caused by their bites.

Act fast

As soon as you notice the infestation, it is important to act immediately. Best thing to do is contact a pest controller in Liverpool. If you catch the problem early, you can try to exterminate them yourself by getting rid of the sheets and killing the insects. Vacuum clean and scrub many times over because bed bugs cling tightly to surfaces making them very hard to remove. After you think you eradicated them, it is necessary to double and triple check the bed frame, the carpet and the rest of the room because if bed bugs find a quiet dark place, they will stay there, waiting for another opportunity to spread.

Truth of the matter is, bed bugs are one of the pest species you shouldn’t take likely. Their resilience makes it very hard to rely on ‘’do it yourself methods’’, without the help of an experienced pest controllers in Liverpool.

Call professional pest controllers in Liverpool

bed bugs in liverpoolLiverpool has a range of reliable pest removal companies who can eradicate bed bugs from your home. Once you contact a qualified Liverpool exterminator, your work is done.

Pest controllers in Liverpool will perform an extensive inspection of the infested area. Bed bugs can find various places to hide in the bedroom, in that way staying close to their feeding source. They crawl deep in the box springs, headboards and bed framing, or settling into furniture, corners, cracks and any fixtures in the proximity of the bed that can be found.  Reliable pest controllers in Liverpool will know where exactly to look, going in detail, through beds, furniture, linens, carpets and dark corners. After removing all visible bed bugs, the whole area will be treated with sprays and various solutions to eliminate any hidden insects and their eggs by these pest control companies in Liverpool.

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