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Asbestos Air Testing/Monitoring prices:How much does it cost?


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Those people living in homes built before the year 2000 now are left worrying about the feasible traces of asbestos that may be present in home building supplies, since it was such a favorite and widely-used building material throughout the majority of the twentieth-century. Asbestos poses numerous health dangers to you and your family – including pleurisy, lung cancer and more dangerous diseases that can lead to multiple organ failure.

For reassurance, you need to have your  property tested for asbestos when possible assuming that it was assembled before asbestos was prohibited within the year 2000. Surveyors will frequently perform within the study asbestos air testing, air assessments might also have to be accomplished during removal of or maintenance work with asbestos materials. Asbestos air testing should be implemented by someone accredited with a body including the UK Accreditation Service (UKAS).

What is Asbestos Air Monitoring?

Asbestos air monitoring evaluates the respirable asbestos fibers in the atmosphere in order to help in checking the exposure and the efficacies of the various control measures used. This is usually done in places where asbestos containing products are in a bad state, having the ability to release asbestos fibers into the atmosphere, or in situations when materials which contain asbestos as one of its component element, are evacuated.

Where asbestos air monitoring is the sole aim of an examination, only respirable asbestos fibers (fibers of less than 3 µm in width, greater than 5 µm long and have a length to width ratio which is greater than 3 to 1) can be rated as being in a danger state. It has always been generally concluded that when a phase contrast microscope is used to analyze fibers, and it shows results equivalent to some geometry, then the fibers contain asbestos. In order to ascertain the chemical composition of the fibers, transmission electron microscopy test (TEM) is usually employed.

When Should Asbestos Air Monitoring be conducted?

It has been authorized by the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission, that asbestos air monitoring activities should be carried out anytime ACM is being eradicated or removing asbestos containing materials in order to ascertain that control measures are well in place and functioning during operations. Airborne asbestos fibers production is carried out during the disintegration of asbestos containing materials. Quantitative analysis of the dangers involved can be obtained with the help of asbestos air monitoring.

In situations where asbestos is crumbled and blended into a powder or minute particle, then asbestos air monitoring is a must.

What Is Involved In Asbestos Air Tests

Asbestos air tests involve gathering a gasoline sample in the atmosphere from the package and using it back to the lab for further compound testing. Under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, no-one needs to be subjected to more than 0.1 fibres of asbestos per millilitre of air measured over four hours; air testing can be used to ensure the degree of asbestos is safe. There are four primary types of asbestos air testing for traces of asbestos and asbestos fibres:

Background Asbestos Air Testing: Background asbestos air monitoring is concerned with atmospheric test carried out to evaluate respirable fibers before carrying out activities that can distort the operation, which is called asbestos materials. It is likely to be carried out so as to ascertain the presence and function of some other fibers in the atmosphere.

Exposure/Flow asbestos Air Testing: Exposure asbestos air monitoring involves carrying out a comprehensive examination of the atmospheric breathing zone to affirm a person’s likely vulnerability to respirable asbestos fibers. The vulnerability of a person can be evaluated by a monitoring and testing model that has been created to check for comparison with the national exposure standard.

Controlled Asbestos Air Testing:  Control asbestos air monitoring is all about evaluating the atmosphere in order to obtain the degree of respirable airborne asbestos fibers that are present in the environment when operations are carried out on materials that contain asbestos. The control measures employed, are evaluated via routine examinations when asbestos is gotten rid of in materials that they are contained in.

Clearance/Reassurance Air Testing: Clearance asbestos air monitoring cross examines the atmosphere in order to evaluate the degree of airborne asbestos fibers present in an environment, consequently, after eradication of the asbestos from materials. When the airborne asbestos fiber rate is below 0.01 fibers/mL, the environment is destroyed.

Asbestos Air Testing/Monitoring Cost

Asbestos air testing costs will vary substantially depending in the measurement of your home, where you reside and what type of test you need. However, the cost of one sample usually comes to £6,5 + the cost of the testing kit.

  • used to offer  a deal for only £60 per visit for a basic background atmosphere test.
  • offers a four sample asbestos testing for £39.99 
  • An asbestos survey which contains air testing will cost normally £250

For a much more particular asbestos air testing prices tailored to your own house and asbestos levels, you need to get quotes from at least three local asbestos experts.

Asbestos Air Testing Kits

Most asbestos air testing companies offer the option to purchase an  sbestos Self Sampling Kit, which will allow you to take the sample yourself and send it to them. If you have not done it before, do not worry as there are always detailed instructions and even step-by-step guides. The price of the air testing kit is dependent on the number of samples that you want to take. The following table is indicative of the avarage asbestos air testing kit prices.

1 Sample Kit:£37.506 Sample Kit:£87.50
2 Sample Kit:£47.507 Sample Kit:£97.50
3 Sample Kit:£57.508 Sample Kit:£107.50
4 Sample Kit:£67.509 Sample Kit:£117.50
5 Sample Kit:£77.5010 Sample Kit:£127.50

source: Aib Solutions

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