A Guide to Moving House Overseas in 8 Easy Steps

Relocating overseas requires military precision to ensure all your possessions arrive safely. Advanced planning is essential for success, and by enlisting the help of a specialist removals company, the complexities of your move will be expertly addressed.

A Guide to Moving Overseas in 8 Easy Steps2

Call the Professionals

The logistics and legalities of international removals means using a professional and experienced removal company is the best idea. Such companies are adept at transporting deliveries all over the world, with skilled packers and loaders helping to make the journey as smooth as possible.

Choose the Right Company

Choosing a reputable, experienced firm is a must. Endorsements from satisfied customers reassures your possessions are in good hands. Ascertain the company delivers to your destination – their services may not extend beyond Europe, for example. Compare the removal services offered by competing removal companies to determine what is (and what isn’t) included in their offering.  Establish delivery time scales and what happens in the event of loss or damage.

Choose your Shipping Method

Depending upon your destination, shipping options include air, sea and road travel. When choosing your shipping method, important variables like A Guide to Moving Overseas in 8 Easy Stepstime and budget come into play. The faster the service, the more costly it is likely to be. Also consider where your destination is situated in relation to ports and airports. This may have implications that will make your [preference logistically unsound.]does not make sense!

Prepare to Start Packing

With space and time at a premium, adopt a ruthless approach to packing. The size of your consignment will have an impact on the total cost and time of moving, so it is sensible to weed out as many extraneous items as possible. Pack with your head not with your heart. Recycle wherever you can and donate to charity. Sell anything of value, however small, to recoup some of your removal costs.

Avoid Breaching Embargos

When deciding what to transport, it is important to understand what items are restricted by the country you are moving to. Countries have different constraints in place so you’ll need to find out beforehand which items are not allowed. Commonly listed objects include explosives, alcohol, firearms and some foodstuffs. Seek guidance on embargoed goods before packing to avoid inadvertently importing forbidden goods.

Handle Personal Possessions

You may prefer to keep personal effects such as photographs, clothes, and financial documents close at hand, rather than placing them in a shipping container. Small removals such as these fit easily in hand luggage and ensure you aren’t parted from your most treasured keepsakes during the move.

Take the Essentials

When relocating overseas packing a box of essentials is far less tenable than when moving within the same country. Weight and space restrictions will limit what you can comfortably take with you. Restrictions can be smartly overcome by introducing disposable cooking utensils or miniature versions of full-sized items. However, in all likelihood in the battle for suitcase space, your clothes will win over a kettle and toaster! To compensate for initially being without the comforts of home, find out in advance of your arrival where to purchase the basics in lieu of your own possessions.

Complete the Paperwork

Shipments must be accompanied by relevant documentation in order to meet custom regulations. The regulations differ between countries so ascertain the laws surrounding your particular destination. Your removal company should be able to give the appropriate advice to safeguard compliance. There are special requirements in place for shipments such as animals so be mindful when arranging transportation that everything in your shipment is accounted for.

By following this moving checklist, a relocation overseas will be a smooth transition from your old life to your new one.

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