A Guide To Making Your Roof Enviromentally Friendly

eco friendly roofing

Gren Roofs Benefits

Home owners want to be as green as possible and most people are opting for eco friendly roofing materials that pose no threats to the environment and even help preserve the environment. Installing energy efficient roofing systems is one among many ways that your roofing can be ecofriendly and cost efficient.

Eco Friendly Roofing Options


A very easy way that may seem insignificant is installing gutters and water collection barrels to ensure that the water from your roof does not end up causing soil erosion when it touches the ground. The water collected can be used and therefore reducing water usage and cost.


To lower the heating and cooling costs in your home, proper insulation will take care of that for you. This will benefit the environment in reduction of power and fossil fuel used in heating and cooling processes making your home very ecofriendly and your roofing efficient.


Using sunlight to light your home during the day saves on energy. This can be done by using solar reflective tubes that will bring light to every area of your house. Electricity costs are reduced and natural light is healthy.

Roof Maintenance

Proper roof maintenance that is, keeping gutters and the roof area free of debris helps extend greatly the life of your roofing materials and reduce costs of reroofing every few years. Maintaining your roof well will ensure that you utilize the complete life span of your roofing system.


Consumer recycled content accounts for a significant amount of the materials used to manufacture many eco friendly roofing products. This content includes slag, stone granules, mixed paper and sludge, and not only reduces the amount of waste produced, but also cuts down on the release of greenhouse gases that would occur if virgin materials were processed to manufacture these products.

This therefore means that recycled materials are more likely to give you the green effect you are looking for while new materials that have not been formerly utilised contain new materials that do not pay as much respect to the environment as the recycled materials.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles can be eco friendly. Any type of roofing can be environmentally friendly and also save on energy costs. It all depends on how you install it. It is important that when you are installing a roof, you seek the services of a professional installer who will leave the necessary ventilation, lighting and ensure that the roofing is aligned well.

Roof Vegetation

You also have the option of having a green roof, this is where you can actually have vegetation on your roof. It is as eco friendly as your roof can get but it will require attention and to be attended to so that it does not end up as a roof full of dried up vegetation. This has it’s advantages and disadvantages however.

Ensure that all vegetation around your roof area is trimmed so as not to affect the circulation of air and also reduce wear and tear on the roofing system installed. Poor circulation can create hot spots that will cause accelerated aging of your roofing materials. Air circulation saves you roofing costs.

Advantages: It is very pleasing to the eye; provides an extra layer of insulation; can act as a vegetable garden; a natural habitat; extends the life of a roof and/or building; can increase the value of the building.

Disadvantages It is disadvantageous in that it is more expensive than normal roofing. Another con is that it requires a lot of maintenance and time.

solar roofing

Solar Roofing: There is the other option of roofing is solar roofing. Instead of having a roof and also have solar panels on your roof, you can save on energy and reduce your electricity costs by installing a solar roofing system which will absorb energy while still making your roof look even and pleasing.

Other Examples of Eco Friendly Roofing

Cool roofing, white roofing and metal roofing are also all examples of eco friendly roofing options that you can easily choose from depending on your preferences and what your budget for reroofing is. Ensure that if you want an environmentally friendly roof you are ready to put in the kind of maintenance and care that it requires. Eco friendly roofing improves your roof’s durability greatly. In the end the cost is worth it for the benefits that come with it.

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