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5 Things To Do To Increase You Home’s Value Before Selling It

So you’re selling your house soon and want to give it some added value. Of course, you’re fortunate enough to have a garage to create a useful private space with, so you wouldn’t want to waste this opportunity. First take these steps to get your garage ready to transform it into a selling point, one that’s dependent on the demographics of the area you live in and the likely people who will buy your place. Here are five ideas to turn your newly freshened garage into an asset.

Gym/Yoga Studio

Are you currently living in an area with a lot of young professionals that are likely buying their first homes? One of the easiest things you can do to separate your house from the others is a personal gym/yoga studio in your garage. Cover the floor with thick rubber interlocking gym tiles or mats and add some basic gym equipment like a treadmill and bench press to get them started. yoga studio

Home Office

If you’re currently living an area that’s full of families and most of yours have moved out, making your garage into a home office will give those 30-40 year old professionals who have a few kids themselves a quiet place to be able to get their work done. Install some faux wood vinyl or laminate flooring to warm your new office up a bit, make sure you have it wired up with a high-speed DSL connection. Your ISP should also be able to answer any DSL and home phone questions that you might have in regards to setting up your connection. garage office conversion

Sports/Man Cave

If you’re currently living in a blue collar town or a huge sports town and want to sell, a sports/man cave would be a great asset for those who need a place to relax after a rough day work or watch their games while not disturbing the rest of the family. Add some included essentials to it like a big comfy couch, a nice TV and a full sized refrigerator along with some shelving for their sports memorabilia to make them feel at home. man cave

Arts and Crafts Room

This one can go either way, if you’re moving away from a kid dense area, the potential new owners could use an arts and crafts room to entertain their kids with something that’s away from the television. If the area you’re moving from is an elderly community, the new, likely older and retired owners may like to have an area for DIY projects and to make decorations, it also would bee a good place for their grandkids to partake in the activities as well. garage art studio

Guest House

If you don’t think any of these ideas quite meet the need for prospective buyers in your area, making your garage into a guest house is a general all-purpose, all around useful, home seller. A guest area is useful to all demographics, since everyone likes their space and privacy, for when their in-laws, siblings or college children come over to visit.  Keep the flooring and décor neutral so the new owner can decorate it to their liking. Having a newly redone garage can become a real selling point if you know your audience. So if you’re about to sell your house, and think your garage is more of a liability, or a looked over point, turn it into an asset with these ideas.

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