Purchasing a home (a studio, an apartment or a house) is a significant investment, so no one can afford to make an unprofitable choice. Purchasing involves primarily through some important details to arrive at the best buying decision. You need to be very wary when buying a house, especially if you have a fixed amount. It is important to check some details on the construction itself, such as carpentry, roof, ceilings, electrical and sanitary installations.

If you want your new home to meet all the criteria of comfort and extremely pleasant and without problems, here’s what to look for when buying a house.

  1. The allocated budget should be higher than the price of the house, because unexpected expenses may occur, and some of the money should be allocated for decorating the house, because first you have to feel like home.
  2. Search for suitable area as a quiet neighborhood with good schools would be perfect for family life. Your dream home does not have to be just a house, but a home should be. So, orient towards areas as quiet and near all the necessities that you need.
  3. In any case, regardless of the chosen area is good for you as a future buyer to pass several times through the neighbourhood of future housing: day and night, on weekends and during the week, so as you make an idea about the area profile. In addition, there are at least two basic criteria by which any buyer can guide when they choose a home: schools and the safety of the chosen area.
  4. Before buying a property, study the local market. It is best to know what you want to buy before you start looking for a new home. The real estate market is changing from day to day. For this reason, you need to study the market for a longer period of time, to give you an idea of ​​what exactly you want to buy and where.
  5. Call a realtor. Just calling a real estate agent, the buyer surely will get the best advisory services in buying a home. A real estate agent can give you quality information and can guide you to the best decision. This is due to the fact that the agent experience is a connoisseur of the real estate market. And can answer to all questions to ask when buying a house.
  6. If you have money and you think you can afford, rather buy a new home. You will get rid of many problems from those with pipes and to the neighbors!
  7. One is to go on the road to a building with a history of 40 years and another is to go on the road with a new home.
  8. The homes on the upper floors are not cheaper than those at intermediate floors, but might be exceptions.
  9. Same happens with the ground floor housing in many assemblies, but here it is fear of thieves, no balcony etc.
  10. Talk to people who have bought the house, but even better with persons who on the estate market. The latter might help you to know what the right price for your apartment is!
  11. There are developers or owners who have problems with money and want to sell even if now stand loss. Try to have as much information and be as careful as you can make huge savings!
  12. The difference in price between the apartments is on location because, in general, construction costs are about the same.
  13. If you found the house and everything is ok, make sure from the beginning that you established who bear the expenses of the sale.
  14. If you choose to buy a house which is new, first of all, you should know what kind of materials the developer used for the walls.
  15. Sanitary installation is another important aspect and you should check if the water pipes are not clogged or if the supplier should be changed and if you can make the connection to install the dishwasher.
  16. Inquire into what we’re painting the walls, lest you be thrown surprise with lime mixed with bone glue that’s very difficult to clean.
  17. If you intend to mount a metal door, check the size of the front door frame. If there are no standard sizes, you will pay more for a custom door.
  18. Many buildings constructed specifically to be sold are made from cheap materials, so it would be good to take a look and tiles, whether you like it or not, because changing them will be difficult and requires an expense plus considerable. Look, if it’s good quality and if it is mounted.
  19. Plated plasterboard walls not suitable, because behind plasterboard not know what can be. The wallpapered walls are not very good; if the wallpaper is difficult to clean, you’ll have to work on it. In case the bathroom, mosaic is already made, it will hardly break.
  20. The existing wooden floor is old? If it was often scraped or if the small plates are glued with resin, detaching them gently; it may no longer be reconditioned and should be replaced.
  21. Before you decide to buy a house that is well outside, check the building back to see if there’re other issues. Ask the owner if there are certificates and / or guarantee contracts for various works, such as windows or heating. Ask for and carefully check all apartment archive to see if there is continuity in acts. Last but not least, ask for a copy of the Cadastre file because you will find you need it.
  22. Check all of the legalities. You have to check the following acts:  Property Act, which normally is checked by a notary. Try to pick your notary, that way you can have the assurance that everything is okay.
  23. Act of sale purchase. It must have been the real price of the transaction;
    Pledge apartment and interdictions of alienation. It should be checked whether the apartment is pledged and whether or not alienate, and in these cases must be given that can be purchased.
  24. Check project approvals, construction permits and how the construction was or will be made. Undoubtedly it is checked absolutely everything related to the project and opinions. Watch carefully over project execution, Geotechnical study and over in these last details. There may be some prohibitions that would not be your liking, or to be mistaken in a design that is very difficult to repair. It is ideal to check the coefficient of thermal insulation, if the details of the construction permit, and the height of the building. Once you have purchased a property, if these details are not respected, the owner will receive fines, so extra caution measures are necessary.
  25. Also, check the number of parking spaces, electric power installed, to see if it is enough for all consumers needed. Not enough verification in the project, but must be done and a field verification. There are many situations in which, to obtain a building permit, certain areas have been cheated.
  26. Check everything related to future costs. Many buildings will require future costs that have to fly and if you pay attention, you could put your serious challenges. It is essential to check heating systems, if the building is connected to the utilities and how this branching is made.
  27. Turn to qualified lenders: before starting to work with a bank or non-bank financial institution (NBFI), get as much information. Carefully consider their past. Also, get an estimate of all fees that may arise in the process of buying a house.
  28. Visiting the neighbourhood is a must; if you already selected some favorite areas, visit them to see how would be to live in; when you’ll select apartments in the area, it will be easier to imagine your home fitting in.
  29. Make a list of priorities: whether you plan to visit the homes on your own or with the help of an estate agent, prepare a list of priorities about what you would like most to a new home so you can determine what is most important and what compromises you’re willing to do.
  30. Make an inspection: hire a home inspector or engineer to inspect the house, including the roof, basement, heating system, pipes and so on.

Buying a property is a very important action that does not happen too often in life and involves spending a considerable amount of money, a fact which requires full attention.

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