3 removal services for your relocation in a small house

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When moving a few objects to furnish a small house, it may be just enough to do everything by yourself and by using your normal car. Let’s take a look at a few tips for optimizing the space for the objects.

If you search for the cheapest opt when moving house – think about optimizing the space in your normal car, in order to fit all the removal boxes and items. Thanks to their small number and size – they probably can fit in. They just need a little bit of a more strict organization and a few tricks when packing. One of the greatest trick is to use the empty void objects as removal boxes.

  • Fill all the void spaces inside the objects like small furnishings or kitchen appliances with light items. From clothes, to blankets, curtains and cushions – they all can fit into a small fridge, for example. One you save extra space for another box only for these yet light and soft items, and two – you protect them with the fridge in the meantime. The same might be applied to small kitchen cabinets or the grinder maybe. Use their void spaces for a variety of small objects and items. Another great trick for optimizing the space in the removal van is to use vacuuming bags for all the soft objects instead of piling them in boxes. The vacuuming bags transform big objects like blankets and curtains into quite smaller objects, which is a great addition to the space optimization of the van. Another great tip is to use soft objects as wrappings or as fillers for the empty spaces between the walls of a box and the objects in it. The key here is to make sure to leave no empty space inside the boxes. Another great thing to keep in mind is to dismantle all the possible objects into small pieces so they can require less storage space in the car.
  • Or else, let’s call a removal agency in your region and hire only a removal van. This is especially convenient when all your possessionmoving-tipss can’t barely fit into your normal car. You will have to do everything by yourself too – from the arrangement of your items through the loading and to the unloading of the removal van. Yet the advantages of a professional removal van are quite a lot. Take a pick of a van with a sliding side door if you can stop alongside the road and right next to the door for an easier unloading. A van with a roll-up rear door is much more comfortable for loading/unloading big furnishings such as a whole table, chairs, etc. It is also important to know how to optimize the space of the van when you do everything by yourself. Use the same tips and tricks, mentioned above, but add another few important ones such as centering the weight of the van by placing the biggest and heaviest objects in the middle of the storage area. Another useful tip is to use gliding blankets to protect the boxes and the floor of the van, while rearranging all the objects in the meantime, simply by gliding them instead of heavy lifting.

  • The third removal service to keep in mind when relocating in a small house is to hire a man with a van. The professional mover knows best his van and so how to arrange the boxes and the items in the best, yet safest way. The man can also help you with the loading and the unloading of the van, which is indispensable when lifting big heavy furniture.

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