10 Stunning Shed Interiors

Designing your backyard shed is about more than providing a functional space. This is your chance to add your creative touches and show off your personality. After all, you’re the one who is going to be spending time in it. The sky is the limit for what you can do. After you’ve picked out a shed plan, it’s time to focus on the inside! Everyone needs a little inspiration to pull from. Check out these 10 unique interior designs.

Classic White Office Backyard Shed

1.   Classic, Yet Functional Workspace


The ideal workspace lets the creative juices flow and helps you to be productive. A white theme feels fresh, clean, bright, and open. Everything including the walls, ceiling, door, loft ladder, and even the workbench is inviting. The brown desk compliments the room nicely by adding just the right amount of contrast.

A high ceiling makes the room feel large and open, while a dedicated workbench and separate desk offers the user ample space to stretch out and work. Storage is certainly not an afterthought with this design. Two free-standing shelves tucked in nicely against the wall provide plenty of storage space for files that are referenced regularly, while an overhead loft offers storage for seldom-used items.

2.    Rustic Décor


This rustic interior offers the ultimate atmosphere to relax in. A beautiful dark wood ceiling complements the lighter-colored wood paneling walls perfectly. Dark wood floors offer symmetry with the ceiling, while light-colored furniture brightens the room. A rustic door, chandelier, and wall décor tie the theme together, making it a great place to relax and catch the views of nature with a strategically placed window opposite the sitting area.

Rustic Garden Shed Getaway

3.    Let Fresh Air In


This owner has opted to enjoy the sounds, smells, and views of nature all from the comfort of their backyard shed. Enjoy the warm ambiance of soft lighting, a mock fireplace, and a comfortable sitting area. Hardwood floors not only add to the rustic charm of the space but are easy to clean and maintain. Large French doors can be opened to let in maximum air and offer an amazing view. The half glass on each door as well as the window placed near the roof allows plenty of natural light in without taking up valuable wall space.

The Ultimate Garden House for Relaxation

4.    A Potter’s Delight


The interior of this space is as functional as it is beautiful. This is any potter’s dream. The spacious, custom built-in workbench is made of wood and then painted a tasteful smoky blue. Custom cabinetry underneath allows for convenient storage of pots that can be grabbed with ease during the middle of a project. A separate white storage cabinetry is great for storing smaller tools and gives the owner yet a third place to work. Three large windows not only allow in plenty of natural light but offer beautiful views of nature while the owner engages in his or her favorite hobby.

Backyard Shed Turned into a Potter’s Paradise

5.    The Inspired Artist


This owner thought of everything to make an artist’s dream studio. Beautiful flora combined with a modest patio provides an inspiring entrance and a great place to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air and work on a painting. Large French doors allow the owner to feel as if they are painting amongst nature. The addition of skylights is a nice touch for maximizing natural light. A beautiful accent rug gives a pop of color. Let’s not forget to mention the neatly built-in storage that is great for keeping art materials and supplies with easy reach.

Modern Art Studio

6.    The Ultimate Earthy Potting Shed


This backyard shed has a one-of-a-kind unique charm. The theme of this potting shed is an earthy, natural feel and the owner does a good job of conveying this throughout. The ceiling and floor are both made of beautiful wood with rustic light fixtures for the perfect amount of lighting. Ample shelving allows for the growth and nurturing of as many different plants as you can think of as well as acting as decor. A potting bench with a window placed symmetrically in the middle provides a way for the owner to engage in their favorite pastime while catching a beautiful view.

Natural Potting Shed

7.    Multipurpose Backyard Shed

earthly-pottery-shedWho says a backyard shed can’t be multi-functional and neat and organized at the same time? With two large entrances, this space is not lacking for fresh air or natural light. A concrete floor is easy to clean and adds to the versatility of the shed. A free-standing workbench in the center can serve as a place to engage in your favorite hobby, eat lunch, or entertain. Wall hangers on the opposite wall are great for hanging large gardening tools and serve as décor. The sitting area looks out on a beautiful view and is great for taking a nap, reading a book, playing music, or even writing.

The Ballard Garage Transformed

8.    Classic Farmhouse Gardening Shed


This stunning interior is as functional as it is pretty. Wall hangers and corkboards on the wall provide optimal storage of both small and large gardening tools. These tools also serve as décor for the space. A painted yellow pot matches the rustic red perfectly and serves as a way to neatly store the garden hose. The designer of this shed was clever in making a nook between the wall and the ceiling for neatly storing pots. The potting bench is positioned in front of the window with a matching curtain at the bottom to allow for concealed storage.

The Perfect Garden Workspace

9. Modern Glass-Walled RetreatBackyard-Reading-Retreat

Night or day, this hands down had to make it onto our list of the 10 most stunning shed interiors. With floor to ceiling glass walls, it delightfully blurs the inside from the outside. Subtle lighting offers a warm ambiance for reading your favorite book. This designer decided to expand their backyard shed by adding a living space, including a patio, walkway, and a hot tub. A loft offers extra storage for seldom-used items.

Backyard Reading Retreat

10. A Cozy Night In

stunning-garden-shedThis designer chose a natural wood look that carries throughout the entire shed, from the exterior walls, doors, ramp, flooring, and interior walls. Large bi-fold doors open to allow in plenty of fresh air and natural light. 4 windows allow in plenty of natural light without taking away from the cozy and therapeutic feel that the owner was going for.

The Healing Hut

Ready to Design Your Backyard Shed?

Emulate one design that really spoke to you or pull from several different ideas to create a design that is uniquely you! It all begins with picking the perfect shed. Are you looking for something large with plenty of space or perhaps a backyard shed that is small and cozy? Not sure yet? That’s okay! Browse through shed plans at until you find exactly what you’re looking for!

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