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10 Great Room Conversion Ideas

Having a spare room to hand when you move into a new home always seems like a good idea, spare room conversion ideasespecially if it is within your budget and an organic part of the perfect property you have just stumbled across. But how do you make the most of it? Well, why not look over these ten common room conversion ideas to see what takes your fancy?

10 Room Conversion Ideas

  1. Guest Room – although it might be the most obvious choice, a guest room is ideal if you have friends and relatives over to visit on a regular basis. Plus it can be kitted out and re-decorated in almost any way you like; either to match the rest of the home or to stand-out as its own separate living space.
  2. Utility Room – if you don’t already have one, converting an old bedroom into a brand new utility room can be a great way to make room elsewhere and keep all your white appliances in one single, easy-to-use space. From washing machines and tumble dryers to additional fridge-freezers, having a utility area can make doing household chores just that little bit easier; just be aware that you might need to hire an electrician to install some extra electricity outlets before you start setting anything up!
  3. Kids Play Area – perfect for if you are sick and tired of seeing toys and clutter littered throughout the property, a kids play area can help to keep everything one single, unified space that acts as both its own play-time retreat and a neat and additional storage unit. Plus it can be fun redecorating and painting in bright, wacky colours that you might not get a chance to use elsewhere in the home.
  4. Office / Study – converting the room into a home study makes for a bit more formal a refurbishment, but it can help you get extra work done away from the office if need be; all you need is a desk, a desk-lamp and a small set of drawers to transform the room into your own working area.
  5. Home Cinemaconverting an old attic or basement into a new home cinema can be costly and time-consuming, so why not just refurbish the spare room into a lite version of the same thing? Wall brackets and a surround-sound system aren’t as expensive as they used to be, and all you need to make the ‘cinema’ appealing is a good-sized television screen and a few comfortable seats!
  6. Upstairs Lounge – similarly, if you want your eldest kids or teenagers to have a bit of privacy – or if you and your partner find that you are regularly squabbling over the remote – then why not think about converting the spare room into an extra lounge altogether? Refurbishing a living room isn’t as costly as you might think, especially if you keep the furnishings to a bare minimum.
  7. Library – for even all the book-lovers out there, a home library might seem a little far-fetched – but if you have the collection to boast, why not start storing it properly? Putting up new shelves should only take a matter of days, and then you can store your books, films and music in any order you like – giving you easy access from one single storage area.
  8. Walk-In Wardrobe – if it’s not films and books but clothes you can’t keep track of, then a walk-in wardrobe probably makes the most sense. Again all you need to do is fit a couple of screens and/or wardrobes – maybe add a full-length mirror and dressing table to match – and you have a brand new storage area for all your favourite outfits.
  9. Home Gymnasium – if keeping fit is more your thing, then why not try out a brand new home gymnasium? You might need a slightly larger room for this kind of conversion (so you have adequate space to exercise), but you never know – a few mirrors and an integrated speaker system could do wonders for your daily workout regime!
  10. Rented Accommodation – finally, if your spare room isn’t really within your budget but you love the property you’ve found, then why not seriously consider becoming a landlord within your very own home and renting the room out to a lodger? Sharing the home with a complete stranger might seem a bit unusual (and not ideal if you have kids to worry about), but if you are used to shared living and need the extra cash then it might be the answer to your current living expenses – and give you a reason to keep the spare room in ship-shape!

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