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A Victorian conservatory is one of the most popular types because of its attractive design. Featuring a pitched roof and a rounded shape, the conservatory has a number of facets at the front side. The windows are of the bay type and the door is installed at one side in most cases, but there are other options as well. Generally, the shape of the windows and doors is gothic. As for the roof, it is pitched at 25 degrees and has a decorative finish.


Generally, a Victorian conservatory design is based on the three facets or five facets structure, featuring a bay front, steep roof, and ornate ridge. Both of these designs have wide windows. The glass used has little thickness and a thin frame, but it is durable. As for the paint, that is the same as the exterior of your house.


Victorian conservatories are available in several materials such as aluminium, wood, and uPVC. Wooden Victorian conservatories are expensive, but look extremely attractive. When uPVC is used as a material, the incurred costs are less. Some conservatories feature a combination of these materials.


Security is often a concern with all types of conservatories. Several protective measures ensure that your structure is kept safe. For instance, you can affix beading on the interior glass, which will prevent it from being moved from the outside. You can also install force resistant hinges for all doors and windows.


Building a conservatory means complying with a number of regulations, but you are exempted from them if you follow certain regulations. For instance, you should build a Victorian conservatory at ground level over space that occupies an area of less than 30 sq metres. The conservatory must be single storey, follow safety glazing requirements, and must be separated from your house with a proper exterior door.

Cost Estimations

Conservatory costs vary with a number of factors such as the size, style, material, and extra features. In most instances, prices for a Victorian conservatory start at £4,000 and the average costs incurred are around £8,000. A regular conservatory with a size of 3.5m x 4m will cost around £6,700 and if the size is modified to 3m x 5m, the costs are around £7,200.

In some cases, a Victorian conservatory can cost as much as £100,000 if it has been exclusively designed. Among the extra features, blinds are common and cost around £85 if their width is 200 mm. For a width of 300 mm, the costs increase to £125. For the materials, a wooden Victorian conservatory is attractive and will be more expensive than a regular uPVC one. As far as the installation is concerned, prices are given on the basis of cubic metres. Laying the base and roof costs around £100 per cubic metre, whereas building walls incur costs of £2 for every metre. Windows are installed at the rate of £50 per frame, and prices of door fitting are around £100.

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