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Unusual Kitchen Gadgets

If you take a look around your home there’s a good chance you’ll find gadgets in almost every room Unusual Kitchen Gadgetsof the house. From recreational gadgets such as televisions and games consoles to incredibly useful ones such as dehumidifiers and vacuum cleaners, our homes are immersed in technologies which enhance the space we live in.

The kitchen is certainly not a room to be scrimped on in gadget terms. Whilst you hopefully have the basics such as microwaves and toasters, there’s an infinite range of outrageously cool alternative and unique kitchen gadgets out there to be dabbled in. From the ingenious ones which solve common kitchen dilemmas, to the downright indulgent there’s a world of culinary mechanics to be explored!

The Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

The wall mounted bottle opener is not unusual kitchen gadget but something which is commonly sighted in Travelodge hotel rooms across the UK. Whether they had a problem with guests stealing regular bottle openers or they simply couldn’t resist the novelty aspect, it’s a gadget that can commonly be sighted in the budget hotel giant’s accommodation.

What’s really great about the wall mounted bottle opener is that it solves the age-old problem of struggling to find your regular bottle opener after a few beers. It also comes in pretty handy when you’re having a party, you don’t have to loiter in the kitchen to open booze-thirsty guests’ bottles or pass the opener round – if it’s glued to the wall it can’t possibly get lost!

Soda Stream

Although the name suggests this home carbonation gadget would have originated from our friends on the other side of the Atlantic, Soda Stream is actually a UK brand established in 1903. Since then, it has come on leaps and bounds and makes for a fun way to create your own soft and alcoholic beverages with a fizz. It also boasts an environmentally-friendly concept as it minimises the need for plastic bottles – great for eco-friendly fizzy pop lovers!

Soda Stream is one of the best kitchen gadgets and tools available for those who enjoy entertaining. For children’s birthday parties it can be a fun activity for the youngsters to engage in (under supervision) and also eradicates the need for you to cart dozens of heavy bottles of pop back from the supermarket. For adult parties it can act almost as a mini-bar solution, you can make your own mixers to accompany spirits and even experiment with different long drinks and cocktails.

The Spaghetti Fork

This novelty item is more of a funny kitchen gadget than a practical one, but it can have its uses if you regularly serve up Spaghetti Bolognese to your brood. As you dig into your dish, the head of the fork rotates so you don’t have to do the twizzling action yourself! If it doesn’t help to minimise the Bolognese stains on school uniforms at least you can have a chuckle over the dinner table about it!

Popcorn Machine

If you’re looking for new kitchen gadgets designed to provide you with tasty treats then look no further than a popcorn machine! If you have a home cinema system then it could be just the gadget to finish off the whole experience. Combine it with a subscription to a film rental company and you’ll never need to leave the house!

Whether you are looking for unique kitchen gadgets or unique kitchen tools, it can be great fun to experiment with technology in the kitchen. If you have purchased a kitchen gadget of late which you found to be particularly useful or quirky, share it with us and the reason you love it in the comments below!

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