The expense associated with removing or trimming a tree varies a lot depending on a lot of factors. The main aspects that determine the final cost are given below:

Variant of the shrub or tree

When uprooting or fixing is concerned, different varieties or species tend to attract different costs as one species of a tree may have soft roots, while another species of the same tree may have tough roots that are hard to pull, thus demanding more money. Trees with complex branch patterns that need to be cut attract higher expenses too. The extent of foliage to prune is a determinant as well.

Height and growth pattern

Trees that are truly high often require special equipments and strategies to deal with. The branches become hard to reach, and therefore, overall job becomes difficult. So, high trees demand more money. Also, if the tree has messy patterns of branches, be prepared to spend some extra.

Presence of power lines

If electric wires seem to be present in close proximity of the tree, the charges will be definitely higher. Trees near power lines demand special safety arrangements. There is the obvious risk of injury, and additionally, the company must make sure that none of the branches fall over the wires by using ropes to eliminate the branches carefully. This strategy requires plenty of time and effort, and so the charges are high.

Strategy toward felled wood

If a job is relatively large, there will be huge amount of felled wood. However, in case the job is tiny, the amount will be very low. Therefore, you may ask the agency to include the expense of hauling away the felled wood with the final cost if the job is small. But, if the job is large enough, and you want the felled wood as firewood, you may ask the agency to include splitting or cutting costs as you will most likely not cut the woods yourself.

The way stump is dealt with

You can either ask for simple grinding of the stump, or you may want it removed completely. The latter costs a lot as there is no guarantee regarding how complex the root system actually is! The size of the system plays huge role too. Also, it requires much more time than grinding. As grinding of dead tree stump is quite a simple task to perform, you can pay straight hourly rate. However, with complete removal, the pricing will probably differ.

How much does it cost to remove a tree?

The cost of hiring a professional tree removal contractor usually depends on the size and position of the tree. Prices range from £75 to as much as £2,000. According to the average tree felling cost comes around to £250 per tree. Always try to ask for at at least three tree removal quotes and check references and insurance credentials before you hire any arborist or tree surgeon. Once you have located the professional that you want to work, draw up a contract, stating exactly what the work entails and the exact cost in order to avoid additional charge.

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