It is imperative to ensure that if you have to remove a tree, the procedure must be carried out cautiously and meticulously adhering to all legal norms by a professional tree surgeon. To get details regarding tree removal, its costs as well as consequences; read further.

If you wish to landscape your garden, you may also like to make few alterations. However, there are a couple of other reasons why you might have to remove trees. Trees which are dead or those which extend beyond roads, buildings or utility lines can turn out to be quite dangerous. Although, removal of trees seems like a cake walk, still due to improper execution, it can turn out to be quite perilous and harmful. Further it could cause harm to buildings, and tiffs with local authorities or neighbors. Hence, you have to take into account a lot of things before you commence tree removal.

Tree removal – legal restrictions

Under various circumstances, you will require legal assistance before tree removal.

If you live in a conservation region – The TPOs (Tree Preservation Orders) are responsible for safeguarding all the trees, tree groups or woodland regions. These TPOs assist to protect and safeguard trees and also maintain the greenery and beauty of the location. Hence, if you need to cut off trees or even cut trees in a conservation region, you must seek permission at least a month and a half in advance from the local building authority.

TPOs in other regions – Before you plan to remove any trees, you should essentially get in touch with your local council because TPOs could be issued over any trees.

If the tree is situated in the border of your property – It is advisable to speak to the neighbors or people/authorities in proximity with the trees, to avoid the possibility of a future legal issue, which can turn out to be expensive and time consuming for you.
Is it possible to remove a tree yourself?

Although you can try to cut trees by yourself, it is not advisable because the process is quite risky and dangerous. With lack of appropriate equipment training or protective gear it could result in you getting heavily injured or losing a limb or worse. Hence, it is recommended to get a proficient tree surgeon, i.e. arborists for tree removal. These arborists try to preserve the environment and the beauty of trees and forests. Their job includes removal of trees, pruning, as well as treatment of diseased trees, inoculation, maintenance of tree roots, thinning & dead wooding.


The following are some of the pre-requisites of a tree surgeon:

  • Fully proficient to work to BS 3998: Recommendation for tree works & BS 5837: Trees related to construction.
  • Adherence to various qualifications related to tree surgery like those from the NPTC (National Proficiency Tests Council) CS30, 31, 36, 38 & 39.
  • Use appropriate tools and equipments, being safe and wearing the appropriate outfit.
  • Always comply with the various rules, regulations & pre-requisites when it comes to health & safety. It is also imperative to have all the essential first aid tools.
  • Have valid Public Liability insurance.
  • It is recommendable to be a part of an association like the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) or the AA (Arboricultural Association).
  • Have good references.
  • How trees are removed?

An arborist may use various methods and techniques for tree removal which bank on various factors such as its size & location. For example, if it is placed in an inappropriate place or it is a threat to the surrounding building or roads. In such a scenario, when a huge tree has to be cut down, the arborist will disassemble it by the branch from the top down, meticulously wrapping up every section and passing on the debris to a fellow worker. In case the tree which needs to be cut down is on a road, the arborist will cordon off and block the required street after legal consent.

Arborists are well equipped with a plethora of equipment and tools including chainsaws, chippers & hand saws. They will adhere to the appropriate methods and techniques for safe tree removal. After the tree has fallen down, the wood can be later recycled, reused or chopped, used to make furniture or sold as firewood. You can decide what you want to do with the wood after consultation with your arborist and you can also further decide how to use the stump; as a garden feature or complete disposal. Removal of the stump can also be quite a task relying on the tree kind, its root formation, where it is situated and the type of soil. Usually the stump is dug out and roots severed; you might also use a chipper.

How much does tree removing costs?

The cost for tree removal by a tree surgeon would highly depend on the kind, size & location of the tree and it can be anywhere in the range of £75 to £2,000. has determined the cost of tree removal to be approximately £250/ tree. It is essential that before you decide to go for professional tree removal consult at least 3-4 tree surgeons and get the essential quotes, references & insurance credentials prior to hiring. Also make certain that you adhere to the legal norms and have a contract in place defining precisely what the work involves, the cost, the after effects and all necessary details.

Trimming the trees & shrubs is quite crucial in order to make the plants grow in a better way and keep them healthier. Besides, if there are trees or shrubs which are diseased, then it’s better to remove or trim the dead parts in order to prevent the disease from spreading to other parts. This will help increase the life of your tree or shrub. However, trimming is generally quoted per shrub or tree, still each plant could present a diverse issue, situation or problem.


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