Get Free Removal Estimates moving-tipsThe numerous myths about the removal services and the tasks that await you during the moving days are always overwhelming. Yet there are plenty of loopholes and hacks to help overcome the myths. Take a look at the following examples:

Item Wrapping

The myth that only a simple wrapping for each individual item is enough is actually true, but there are some items, which require quite some extra wrappings and protection measurements. These are the biggest wooden furnishings and especially the objects that can easily break, bent or may have some malfunctions after un-boxing them in the new house. Because of that, a great idea is to supply yourself with a vast array of removal boxes with a different size, strength and dimensions. From plastic boxes to heavy-duty card boxes for the kitchen appliances – the more the better.

Complimentary services offered by removal companies

Check out in advance whether your removal company offers complimentary services such as rental removal boxes, return of unused boxes or recycling services. Another great tip is to get boxes with transparent covers so you can easily look at your possessions and items without unwrapping the box. These boxes are usually light and are recommended for small items like kid’s toys and small decorative objects, when the label of the box is not enough to highlight all the items inside.

Damaged or Broken Items

Another famous myth is that after the relocation, people always find damaged or broken objects. Of course, you can easily forget about this myth by using the professional removal services of man and van, for example.

The professional movers ensure the most secure and careful relocation of your items, because they have much greater experience. Some removal companies even have professional crews for every different task of the relocation, such as for the loading and loading of the removal van, for the packing and unpacking of giant furniture removals, for the arrangement in the new house, etc.Other companies offer insurances as an extra way for protection of your items. Yet it is much safer for your belongings instead of doing everything by yourself, especially when it’s all about the first time relocation.

Cheapest Removal Solution

The cheapest removal solution is to hire only a van and to do everything else by yourself, which is the next myth that sounds truly possible. However, if you do everything by yourself, you have to deal with a vast array of other expensive things such as buying boxes for the removals, fuel for the removal van, protective materials for the boxes, etc.

Why You Should Not DIY

The risk when moving by yourself is greater too. On the other hand, a man with a van service is also a cheap and affordable service, while you take advantage of the professional experience and tips of the men as well. Not to mention the extra help from a professional, who knows best how to deal with the dangers when handling a huge wooden sofa with lavishly decorate ornaments, for example.

The moving house myth that the Fridays and the weekends are perfect for a relocation is also wrong, because these are the days that see the most overwhelming road traffic. The same applies to the big national holidays such as Christmas and Easter. It is recommended to avoid driving a big removal van during these busy days, especially when the new house is located at a quite long distance or in the Downtown of a big city. Another great hack is to schedule the relocation for a very early morning or for the nighttime.

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