Brighten up your back and front gardens with this useful guide to the best exterior lighting options currently on the market.

outdoor house lighting

If you have started a major garden renovation but are unsure about how to light up the place, fear not – for we have pooled together all the benefits and disadvantages to all the major lighting options on the market. Here are your top five outside lighting ideas for most UK gardens:

Overhead Spotlights

New overhead spotlights are usually fitted next to or attached to the guttering at the top of the property exterior, and are a great lighting option because they:

  • Can be fitted with motion sensor technology.
  • Can be operated from inside the house.
  • Often light up the entire garden area.
  • But on the downside, the glare provided by overhead spotlights can be too much for some home-owners, who are looking for softer lighting options…

Fitted Wall Lights

If you want something softer, choosing fitted wall lights for your garden or patio might be just the answer you are looking for because:

  • They can be fully fitted and wired up to your existing electricity system.
  • They can be operated via switches from within the house.
  • They come in a range of different styles and designs, including ones where bulbs aren’t always directly visible.
  • Most bulbs in fitted wall lights are easy to replace manually – so you can keep them running all year long.

Brick Lights / Spotlights

Although spotlights and wall lights do the job, they aren’t the most exciting lighting option on the market – so how do brick lights and fitted spotlights differ? Well, they add a bit of glamour and elegance to most garden areas as they:

  • Can be fully integrated into any patio, brickwork or decking design.
  • Can be powered by solar technology, reducing your utility bills and running costs.
  • Are usually waterproof and protected by a non-slip, non-shatter casing that allows home-owners and guests to walk over and across them as they please.
  • Come in a range of different styles and designs, including with coloured LED bulbs and programmable technology – so the lighting can change according to the mood you are going for!


Alternatively, you might want to keep things a bit more low-key and opt for lanterns instead of bulbs, because these individual lights:

  • Can be powered by electricity and/or candlelight, depending on your personal preference or what best suits the garden renovation.
  • Are usually mobile, allowing you to move them throughout the garden to wherever you and your guests are sitting at the time.
  • Offer a more unique and cosy glow than visible electric lights, reducing light pollution for surrounding wildlife and making sitting out until dusk that little more appealing.

The only real negative where lanterns are concerned is that they are more breakable compared to fitted lights – so might need to be replaced every now and then!

Solar Bollards

Finally, if none of the above take your fancy, then you might want to invest in a more simple outdoor lighting design – such as solar bollards! Bollards are great because they:

  • Are sturdy and secure, and can be fitted into any stone patio, flowerbed or gravel pit that you think they suit best.
  • Work via solar technology, absorbing light during the day and powering up by themselves at night – thus requiring little to no maintenance.
  • Are environmentally friendly, using up no electricity from your mains and therefore keeping your running costs low.
  • The only potential drawback of solar bollards is their brightness; some home-owners find they simply don’t light up the place enough – but this will all depend on personal preference!

If you are still stuck or unsure about what lighting option would be best for your outdoor space, see if you can hire a landscape gardener to come and look round the property and give their expert advice on how to make the most of what you have – you never know, they might even recommend a different lighting option altogether!

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