Moving house should be a much easier adventure if you have a moving checklist. Start preparing it at least a month before the move and make sure to include everything important in it. From the smallest items such as kitchen appliances, kid`s toys and bathroom accessories, to the largest ones like the TV, the wardrobes or even maybe the fitness machines. There are plenty of rules and ways for the perfect organization of the checklist, and there are even online examples that offer a common layout for most of the relocation. Yet if you want to make your own checklist – there are some golden rules to follow. A thorough inspection of all the items in every room is only an example. Next are some more!

The three golden rules for the organization of the moving checklist2

Organization of the checklist by labels. This is an especially useful way for the compilation of a checklist for small furniture or office removals. It is also useful if you do everything by yourself, as well as have to deal only with the small removal boxes. Organizing in labels is a quick and easy way to orientate among the piles of bags, boxes and items while, in the meantime, the arrangement of the items in the moving checklist is clean and easy to understand. During the inspection, put off aside only the most fragile items from all the rooms, for example – mirrors, glass objects, porcelain plates and cups, or else. They should be carefully and individual wrapped in paper or textile wrappings, as well as carefully arranged in the moving boxes. Label the boxes with "Fragile", as well as make a column in the checklist only for these fragile items. Apply the same organization by labels for the items that should be handled by two or via handling straps. Use labels "Handle with care", as well as include the same name of the label in a column in the moving checklist. Thus, you can easily see all the items that are included in the boxes with this "Handle with care" label. Other frequently used labels are "Office objects", "Library set" and "Always on top".

Organization of the checklist by rooms. That's your type of organization of the moving checklist if you prepare the objects from a huge three-, four- or more bedroom house for a relocation. In this case, you will definitely need an easier orientation when loading and unloading the moving van in order to better center its weight. This will also ensure the safety of your possessions during the trip. Organizing the checklist by room will help you with the arrangement of the objects in the new house, because you can tell the professional movers to leave the boxes in the different room, if the boxes are signed with these rooms. Use labels like "Bathroom", "Kitchen", "Bedroom", etc. The shorter the label, the easier the orientation. To make them even more remarkable – use ready label templates from the hardware stores or make your own labels with contrasting colors and bigger letters so one can easily read the label from a longer distance. Another great tip is to put labels on at least three of all the six sides of the typical boxes, which will let you to pile the boxes one on top of another and yet easily read the label without rotating or adjusting the boxes.

Organization of the checklist by special items. This arrangement is recommended for every relocation even when it comes to moving a couple big boxes in your normal car. Make a small special box only for small but special items, such as the keys, sandwiches for the kids, jewelries, phone numbers and more. It will let you to keep the most important things easily on hand.

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