The perfect removal van is not always the biggest oneThere is no doubt that if you have to overcome the overwhelming furniture removals at a long distance, you will definitely have to book a quite bigger van or even a huge removal truck with a trailer. The right choice of the van is essential for a smooth and time efficient relocation, but it’s not always necessarily to pick up the biggest van in order to guarantee that everything will go smoothly. The bigger the van, the bigger the responsibility and the challenges. The disadvantages of the big vans are much more, than you have probably expected. It’s not recommended for driving through big metropolitan cities, nor through secondary or narrow routes with steep slopes and sharp turns. Hiring a big van also costs more than hiring a small removal van, while to park a huge vehicle in front of your house to unload for a good long hour might be a real issue, especially if your new house is nestled within the densely urbanized outskirts. The following tips and ideas can help you with the choice of the perfect van for your move:

First, trust a recommendation for removal services. Ask your friends or colleagues maybe to recommend you the removal services of a specific company or even the same type of van that your friends hired before. This may save you a lot of time for searching for the perfect removal van among all the removal companies in your region, as well as perfect opt if you just need a slightly bigger van than your normal car.

Second, check out the amenities of the van and choose the one, according to your needs. Every van has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the best way to find out which one suites your needs, is to stroll through the sites of the companies that offer man and van services. Check out the full description of their vans, trucks, trailers and other rental vehicles. Then, contact the moving agent to discuss all other not mentioned detail in the descriptions. The following list features only a few, but very important factor to consider:

– Location and type of the door for loading/unloading the boxes. A small van with a sliding side door might be a better choice than a bigger van with a huge rear door, if you want to stop the vehicle alongside a narrower street and unload directly through the front door of the house. The small van with a small door is also preferable if your belongings are packed in smaller bags and boxes.

– The air-con. According to the weather in the season for your planned move, you can take a pick of a van with or without air-con. It also depends on the type of your belongings – whether you move with the pet or you move with goods that are sensitive to extremely high air temperatures in the summer and vice-versa in the wintertime.

– The fuel economy advantages. Usually, the smaller the van, the smaller the engine and respectively the fuel consumption. This is the main factor, which together with the distance determine the overall price for the van hire.

– Mountable rear seats. Just drop off dismount the seats and you can use the full inner capacity of a small van. It may look like your normal car from the outside, but it actually can fit much more items for furniture removals, for example.

– Higher front seats. They grant a better visibility, which is very important for the wintertime and for snowy conditions on the route.

– The complimentary services that you get together with the van hire. They may range from storage services, to de-cluttering, recycling, money return for unused boxes and much more.

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