Termite Control

Having to deal with termites in a home can really be frustrating.  Termite control is one of the hardest pest removal in a home.  These tiny ant like insects could cost a lot of damage to your home if precautions are not taking early enough.  They borrow and tunnel through structures in other to reach water or food. The lifestyle of termites leads to huge structural damages which includes; damaging of floor, weakening of foundation, damage of insulation materials, filtration system, and even swimming pool liners.  Allowing these pests to establish root is hazardous.  Thus, preventing a termite colony from establishing root is the best control measure for all homes.

Termite treatment cost

 Prevention is cheaper

Repair of termite damage is one of the most expensive home repair and this is because the extent of structural and foundation damage done by termites is very expensive to repair.  Therefore, the best option is prevention because, prevention is cheaper.  In preventing termite from damaging houses and other structures, you must be careful and vigilant.  Inspect wooden structures as well as foundation supports routinely for signs of termites.  While other preventive strategies are; to keep the area around a home dry, inspect the gutters, drain soil and rainwater around the foundation of the home.  Adding gravel or sand if the ground remains saturated after a rainfall prevents moisture in the soil. It is a fact that moisture attracts and encourages breeding of termites.  It is interesting to note that termites also feed on rotting plants.  Remove weeds and maintain your garden properly.  At times, termites feed on animal wastes so, ensure that all pest waste are cleaned up. Endeavor to use solid concrete where you can instead of wood.  Preventing termite damage is far cheaper than the actual dedication process.

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Total eradication is vital

It is advisable that completes termite eradication is done by professionals.  This requires a lot of technical and professional skills and only a qualified individual should engage in this.  However, there are two ways to eradicate termites;

  •  The use of liquid chemicals is often employed to eradicate termites.  This special liquid are applied to the surfaces and soil to provide a chemical barrier that is long lasting.  This chemical kills off termites that are already in the house and prevents others from entering the building.  These techniques have been used for a very long time.
  •  Baiting is another technique that is used in the eradication of termites.  The bait is treated with lethal chemicals and are set for termites.  When they eat this bait and share it with their colony it leads to death of the termites.

Eradication of termites is something that should be taken very seriously because of the Degree of damage that termites can do.

Prevention is the best form of control.  Avoid doing things that will breed termites.  Have routine termite inspection done.  Whenever you discover signs of termite infestation, make sure you deal with it immediately professionally and before you buy a house have a professional termite inspection.

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