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Enhancing Roof to Save Energy Costs: Techniques You Must Use

Energy saving, Roof repair, Roofing

November 6, 2013

According to the Federal Trade Commission, cooling and heating your home takes almost half of your total money spent...

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Air Source Heat Pumps – Benefits, Costs and Fuel Savings

Central Heating, Energy saving, Heating & Cooling

October 31, 2013

Creating your own renewable energy in the home has become crucial, so learn ways to heat your own home and reduce your...

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Building a Flat Pack House: Why Do It?

Advice, Extensions & Remodels, Green living

October 21, 2013

Every year individuals in the UK opt to take on the project of building their home. While this is a rewarding...

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Why windows are so Important for your property


October 15, 2013

When it comes to keeping heat inside your home, having good windows is the number one key. A well-known fact it is that...

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