Swimming Pool

As summer approaches each year increasing number of people consider installing a swimming pool. But many times the cost of this scare many people from executing this project. With the right contractor you too can have a swimming pool at the comfort of your home.Installing a swimming pool is actually more affordable than many people think. All you need to do is to find a good contractor who fits into your budget.

Swimming pool installation options varies from size, type and design. The preference of the house owner is basically utmost in the installation of the pool. Thus, this will inform the shape, depth and the purpose of the swimming pool. The two major type of Swimming pools are:

Turn off all electricity and gas prior to entering a flooded basement. Get some air circulation in the room by opening doors and windows. You will need to check the interior and exterior of your walls for structural damage. You can help prevent flooded basements by installing drainage pipes to move water from low lying areas around your home and sealing the joints between the walls and the floors of your basement.

  • In- Ground pool
  • Above-Ground pool

These types of pools each comes with some advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless homeowners should be able to make the right choice after considering the merits and demerit

Advantages of above-ground pools

They do not require excavation or digging. Therefore can be installed where digging is not required. In addition it is less expensive when compared to in –ground pools. Most times it is moveable. It can be assembled and dissemble as owners move or move the pool. Furthermore, it has added safety especially in homes where there are children. This is because access to this type of pool can be restricted to prevent unforeseen accident.

Disadvantages of above–ground pools

They usually are not permanent therefore they do not increase the value of the property. In addition the choice of size and design are usually limited.

Advantages of In-ground pools

In-ground pools are usually permanent and form part of the property. They add more to the beauty of the house because they are more attractive. There are a wide variety of size, shape and design of this type of pool. They are deeper than above-ground pools. This means more satisfaction for swimmers.

Disadvantages of In-ground pools

They are a little more expensive, some soil type may not be compatible with pool. The excavation makes it more tedious.

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