Smart tips for installing kitchen plumbing

Blocked or leaky pipes are annoying and can be expensive to fix – therefore installing your kitchen plumbing should be planned carefully to avoid mistakes

kitchen plumbingChoosing a plumber for your kitchen

When you want to have a new kitchen installed or you want to have an existing kitchen remodelled you should make sure the kitchen plumbing will last for a long time. Comparing cost estimates from at least three different plumbers is usually worthwhile. It is not a good idea to try fixing kitchen plumbing on your own, as damage from faulty installations might result in higher costs than having your kitchen plumbing installed by a contractor. When dealing with gas pipes you legally need to hire a Gas Safe registered engineer. Here are a few useful tips for installation of kitchen plumbing:

  • Your plumber should be qualified, experienced and should charge you a reasonable price.
  • A good plumber will usually have a National Vocational Qualification or a City and Guilds qualification and will be able to name references you can call and ask about their previous work.
  • If you’re planning on installing a whole new kitchen or completely refurbishing your old one, you should make sure the plumber is suited to this kind of extensive project.
  • If your kitchen plumbing involves a gas boiler for hot water or for central heating you should make sure your plumber is certified for this kind of job.

Tips for installing kitchen plumbing

If you are installing new kitchen plumbing, for example in a new built house, careful planning can save you a lot of trouble and additional costs. Usually the kitchen plumbing and the electric wiring for the kitchen will be installed at the same time before wallpaper, fixtures and furniture are put in place. Therefore it is much easier to make changes during planning and in earlier parts of the installation process, while it may be difficult to apply changes later. The kitchen plumbing you are installing now will also determine how easy it will be to make changes with the fixtures and devices later on. If you do not own a dishwasher now, for example, but might buy one later it is advisable to plan for this so that you won’t have to deal with high installation costs later.

Costs for kitchen plumbing installation

Prices for kitchen plumbing installation may vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. It is best to compare at least three quotes from different properly qualified plumbers. Installing whole new kitchen plumbing will cost around £200 – £300 on average plus material costs, while some contractors offer full service kitchen installations that would include plumbing, electrics, flooring and kitchen furniture. These services cost around £1000 – £2000 depending on whether you want to have flooring, painting or other options included. Some plumbers will also be able to offer you a good price for kitchen fixtures, such as a sink or a dishwasher, but it is always best to compare prices carefully.

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