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As an option for heating a house, outdoor wood boilers seem to be getting more and more popular day by day, performing much better than traditional wood stoves used for heating homes. With wood stoves, pollution of air, risk of fire, repulsive smell, safety hazards etc. are very common, however, outdoor wood boilers do not have such issues! Hence, if you are looking for something that utilizes wood to heat your house, outdoor wood boiler is the best option for you.


How do outdoor wood boilers work?

As the technology of outdoor wood boilers is latest, many people doubt the efficiency and reliability of such boilers. In fact, failing to understand the basic mechanisms, some totally ignore the benefits of these boilers altogether. Outdoor wood boilers have really simple working mechanism actually.

Indoor Wood Stoves

With indoor wood stoves, you get heat directly inside the rooms, however, with outdoor ones the heat is produced outside your house. The heat produced warms a water reservoir connected to the boiler, and the warmness is transferred through water with the help of pipes.

With the utilization of heat exchanger, the water then transfers the heat to the furnace, and the furnace circulates the heat uniformly inside the rooms. In case ductwork and furnace are already in place inside your house, you should definitely try to get your hands on an outdoor wood boiler.

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Outdoor wood boiler shopping guide

There is no doubt that in the coming years, outdoor wood systems are going to be the biggest hit when wood-based heating systems are considered. However, there are a few drawbacks of outdoor wood boilers you must know before you proceed.

Common Faults

A large number of this type of boilers are manufactured using low quality materials and inferior design, therefore, make sure that you move around a bit in different shops comparing different boilers to get the most satisfactory deal.

Deterioration and rust are very common issues with these boilers, so buy an expensive boiler made of superior materials for greater durability. It is best to go for a model with internal chimney, since external chimney can cause troubles like fire risk, hefty maintenance, and high creosote buildup.

You must also understand that these boilers work nicely for rural areas, but in case you live in an urban area, constant smoke production can lead to people filing complaints against you. Of course, as a solution, you can use superior stove and high chimney in order to minimize smoke effect.

Get a professional outdoor wood boiler installer

Although most wood-based heating systems can be installed easily on your own at home, the fact of the matter remains that outdoor wood boilers are a bit complex. Even though you may not really like the idea, it is best to call a professional when installing such a boiler.

Due to the presence of complex stove, heat exchanger, pipes leading to different rooms etc. the installation process is not very straightforward. Therefore, in case you are thinking of installing an outdoor wood system in your house, make the smart decision of hiring a knowledgeable contractor.

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