Shop Refurbishment

If you have noticed a need for a refurbishment of your shop don’t be intimidated by the task ahead of you. A new look can add more value to your shop, be it a cocktail bar or a local corner shop. If you find your business being kind of slow. Perhaps, a refurbishment may just be what your shop needs to brighten up the place, create more exposure and drive more traffic to your shop, or even bring life to the location of your new shop. The project may be mild or even extensive especially when your existing structure does not meet the requirement of your existing business. With careful planning, you can execute that project with so much ease.

What do you have in mind

The first thing that you will want to think about is the extent of the refurbishment. Is it the addition of some new furnishing or extensive restructuring where you may need a plumber or an electrician? Just think carefully as you work out a plan. If the degree of refurnishing is quite mild you could consider doing it yourself. However, if the degree of refurbishing is moderate to massive then you will certainly need a specialist or a contractor. If you are planning to brighten up your shop to create more impact, you should consider doing the following:

  •  Have an air conditioning equipment installed or adjusted to where it works better. This obviously will need the services of an expert.
  •  Adjusting the lighting of your shop could give your shop a whole new look. Consider replacing old dull bulbs with fancy bulbs like curvy fittings, spiraling or internally fitted halogen bulbs. These can add more color and optical effect to your shop.
  •  Give your shop a new look by painting. There are a lot of colors that you can choose from. You could as well opt for a combination of colors.
  •  Changing the look of the floor is also nice. If you are considering cheap options, Lino or laminate flooring are ideal. However, wooden floor provide more authentic effect for bars. Carpets and rugs will be appropriate for indoors and lounging areas.
  •  Think of the best way to display or stack your products. Consider introducing counters and shelves. Complement the interior decoration by introducing or replacing old chairs with sofas and armchairs that are more comfortable and homely. Paintings and photographs will certainly add more color to your shop.
  •  With all the wonderful changes within the interior of your shop, your shop can still be missed if nothing is done to the exterior. The exterior signage of your shop is often what draws potential customers to your shop so it is important that you make yours eye-popping enough without looking cheap. Make your window dressing stylish.

DIY or hire a contractor

A couple of things listed in your project could be done by you. However, a lot of them will require the services of a competent specialist or contractor. The services of a contractor is important in so many instances especially, if the project if complex. Using a contractor is ideal when you want quality job no matter how little the project is. A contractor can also save you some time spent in closure for refurbishment because they are faster. Most importantly a contractor will give you the professional touch that your shop needs.

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