Every homeowner should try to do some roof maintenance periodically. This is an important part of keeping your home in top shape. If the roof is not cleaned occasionally, leaves, twigs and other dirt and debris may accumulate and block the drain pipes. This can lead to different problems in the future like rusting, for steel roofs, mold build-up for slate roofs, or ice backup on shingled roofs. For this reason, roof maintenance should be given proper attention.

Some General Points to Remember when Performing A Roof Maintenance

Different types of roofs have distinctive maintenance needs. For example, if your home has a shingled roof, you need to constantly check if any shingles are getting loose or damaged. If you find any that are damaged, repair/replace them immediately! Failure to do so can lead to a major roofing problem in the future.

In wet climates or in places where rain occurs often, be sure to check your roof for algae and mold growth. Paint should also be regularly applied to galvanized roofs to not only maintain their appearance, but to also act as added protection from any extreme weather elements.

Remember that maintenance should only be done when the roof is dry. Roofs can be very slippery when wet, especially if algae has already started to form, which can cause an accident if a person climbing it is not careful and using the right safety equipment.

When To Call A Roofing Expert

Not all roofs can be easily accessed. There are some irregular roof designs that are hard to navigate and clean. For these kinds of roofs, it would be better to call a professional to do the roof maintenance for you.

Our trained and experienced roofing experts  have the proper equipment to do the job for you. They can also identify more problems that may have previously been undetected.

Remember, roof maintenance needs a trained eye. It’s essential to do cleaning and checking for problems in your roof gutters, chimney, drain pipes, and other areas regularly.

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