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As gas boilers are popular choices for central heating and the boiler installation experts in our database are dependable and qualified to handle virtually any project. It is crucial that gas boiler installation jobs are performed by Gas Safe registered engineers like the ones in our database. These are professional boiler installers who have passed a test and have been certified to safely work with gas to handle installations.


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Gas Safe Registered Engineers

When considering a boiler installation job, gas can prove to be an excellent option for a number of reasons. The technology in gas boilers is constantly being improved to make each generation more energy efficient than the preceding one. Gas Safe registered engineers can conduct annual inspections on the boilers to keep them operating safely and at optimal levels. Gas boilers may be slightly more expensive to install in the beginning, but they make up for the extra cost in the long run with energy savings, less costly central heating bills and easy maintenance.

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Boiler Replacement Costs

Prices will vary depending on the size and brand of the new boiler that is selected by the customer. There are typically additional charges for removing an old boiler as well. It is usually necessary for the central heating system to be flushed out and the installation area cleaned which involves an additional charge. The area of installation may impact the cost too, especially if the new boiler installation job has to be done in a different location from the old boiler. This is why it is important to obtain competitive quotes from the Gas Safe registered boiler replacement experts in our network.

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