At first, a blocked drain may not seem to be a big deal at all; however, in case you allow a drain to remain blocked for a long time, you will certainly understand that a blocked drain is not a minor but a major problem!

drain-unblocking-costA blocked drain can not only disturb or hamper your regular bathroom and kitchen activities to a certain extent, but can also cause huge trouble by causing pipes to burst.resulting into spending a lot of money to repair and clean the whole mess!

So you see, it is best to keep all your drains away from any kind of blockage issues all the time. In fact, whenever you notice minor blockage issues with a drain, you must try to use easy and quick unblocking methods. Using chemical mixtures, most minor drain blockages can be fixed, however, if the blockage is big, you should not better hire a professional unblocking service.

Should I Attempt To DIY Or Should I Hire A Professional?

The task of cleaning house drains is not only a tiresome task, but a quite complicated one. It is true that the job of cleaning drains looks really simple and easy at first sight, but as you know, first impressions can be deceiving. That holds very true in case of cleaning drains, because as you start working on it, you realise that it is not such an easy and simple job as you though so but a rather complicated one.

It does not matter whether the cleaning you are performing only consists of the U-bend or involves ladder climbing in order to reach the external guttering, because at the core of it, drain cleaning is always dull and repulsive.

Using chemicals as a temporary solution

It is much more likely to have your drains cleaned with the help of descalers or chemicals that can be found easily in the supermarkets or hardware retail shops. However, such type of cleaning is a shortcut at best. In order to clean property your drains for eliminating chances of further blockage, you will often need the help of a professional plumber.

Detailed drain cleaning price guide

drain unblockingIf you decide to hire a professional, a preliminary session of inspection is always required. Almost all professional contractors carry out an inspection in order to determine the size and type of blockage, extent of cleaning required and the treatment that they need to follow. The whole process of inspection and drain cleaning will cost between £80 – £100. There is also a £50 minimum call out charge.

There are various types of services associated with drain cleaning, and each of the services comes with a different cost. For instance, for tackling the issue of toilet blockage, most professionals will charge around £60.

  • Unblocking your bath or sink, on the other hand, will cost between £35 and £65. 
  • Water jetting with high pressure costs around £70 – £90 per hour. The cost is same as jetting service when it comes to de-scaling internal pipe-work.
  • Complete system scrub costs around to £150 – £200. This is the service involving the highest cost when it comes to drain cleaning.

It is very common to witness price variations in the drain cleaning cost from various companies, as the closer you live to a big city the more they tend to charge. Also keep in mind that it is not worth trying to find someone to do the job for cheap, because you might end up hiring someone incompetent, the results might be poor!

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Drain Unblocking Service Providers


This website is a very good option since call-out charge is not demanded. Besides, you get your job done for a one time upfront charge of £80 only. The company does not provide services based on hourly-rate or time-limit. Typically, a standard job is completed within a few hours. In addition, this draining company offers camera surveys absolutely free of cost in case blockage seems to persist further. Since the day of the repair, this free service is provided up to a period of six months.


If you want to have a quick chemical solution for your issue, Dyno-Rod is probably the best option you have, as it the company charges only £90 + Vat. However, if your require a mechanical solution involving dismantling, you will have to pay £145 + Vat.


If you are looking for plumbing & draining cover that can help you deal with any kind of unexpected problem, than you should look no further than HomeServe. You can apply online for only £78 per year. 

Watch the following very useful video on “How to Clean a Main Line Drain”

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