This British based company offers quality and reliable boilers at affordable prices. Potterton boilers are easy to install and use. All boilers exceed the current European standards of safety, emission and energy efficiency. Pottereton has been in the market for over 150 years and has manufactured over 5 million boilers. It produces several combi boilers such as the Potterton Gold, Titanium, Potterton Promax, Performa and Potterton heatmax combi boiler. Potterton also produces heat-only boilers.


Most Potterton boilers come with 2 years warranty. This warranty must be registered by filling in the registration card that comes with the product. Potterton also offers extended warranty at the expiration of the original warranty. The plans for the extended warranty can be viewed at the Potterton web site.

In addition, boiler servicing, customer’s service and aftersales technical support is provided by the service division of BDR Thermae, Heateam. This service is delivered by a network of 200 engineers.

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