If you are interested in extending your porch and you are wondering how much is to build a porch in 2017, the following guide will help move ahead with your project.

porch extension cost

Building an extension is becoming an increasingly popular choice with homeowners who are looking for more space, experiencing a change of circumstances or even just wanting to get a face-lift for the house.

Porches are typically small extensions to the front of a house, although they can be much larger and can be build to the side or to the rear of the property. In general, they are simple structures consisting of only brick dwarf walls, columns, windows and a door. They can be plastered or left as bare brick and usually have have a light and an electric socket installed.

Do I need planning permission for a porch?

You will need to obtain a planning permission for your porch extension, if the proposed porch will exceed 3 square meters in ground area, be more than 3 meters high and distance less than 2 meters from the nearest boundary wall or public road.

If your house is a listed property, you will have to obtain what is known as Listed Building Consent before adding the porch to your home.

As long as the porch is separated from the house by an internal door and it`s not heated, then it will not require building regulations certification. If you have electrics in it however, you must either use a Part P registered electrician or have the job inspected by the building control department and pay their fee.

Benefits Of Building A Porch Extension?

There are many benefits of building a porch extension. The most important are:

  • A high-quality porch you help make a good impression when you have any guests.
  • You will enhance your entrance and make it look more appealing.
  • You will make your home more energy efficient by reducing heat loss in the winter.
  • You create extra space for coats, shoes & umbrellas.
  • Adding a porch onto your home is one of the simplest and most economical ways of getting some extra space.

What is the typical size of a porch?

Thinking about the minimum size of the porch, it needs to provide protection from the weather. So, a good porch should extend at least 1.2 meter from the main door of your home.  Consider 1.8 meter, if you would like enough space to sit in it and 2.5 meters to 3 meters if you are thinking of  placing a small table and chairs in it.

How Much To Build A Porch?

A typical porch with around 3 square metres of floor space, concrete floor, brick wall bottom half with partial glazing all around, a uPVC or composite door and a tiled roof will cost about £1,100 – £1,200 per square meter. This means, that the whole project will cost about £3,500.

Porch extension cost – How to estimate the cost?

Once you have an idea of the overall size and design of the porch extension you wish to build you will need to estimate the cost of building it. Some of the essential porch extension costand typical building and construction services necessary to erect a new porch are included here along with the prices. This will help you to get an idea of how to estimate the cost of a porch extension based on its size and individual specifications.

Dwarf brickwork costs on average about £60 per square meter. This is a common choice for people who do not want to have fully glazed walls in their new porch, but prefer a brick wall to waist height and then a glazed upper half.

Plastering costs on average between £15-£20  per square meter to finish the internal walls of the porch if required.

Lean-to style works out as the cheapest option at around £30 per square meter while a porch with roofing in the Victorian or Edwardian style will cost around £50  per square meter and guttering at £12 per meter.

Flooring in your porch can vary from  £10 – £16 per square metre for wooden and laminate floor installation or £16-20 per square metre for carpet laying to £25 – £30 per square metre for standard floor tiling.

Painting costs start at around £14 per square meter.

There will be several factors which can affect exactly how much your new porch will cost. These factors are as follows:

  • If the porch is fully enclosed or not.
  • If it is partially or fully glazed on all sides.
  • Type of wood cladding or external brickwork that is used.
  • If it has a flat roof or a sloping tiled roof.

uPVC Porch Cost

There is a wide selection of uPVC porches available to choose from. These porches are really handy option for the front porches. Here are some examples:

Lean-To uPVC porches2-7£1,300 –  £3,500+
Full Height uPVC Lean-To Porches2-7£1,300 – £3,500+
Flat GRP (Gable Roof Porch) Roof Porches2-7£2,800 – £4,100+
Gable uPVC Roof Porches2-7£1,500 – £3,900+
Edwardian uPVC Porches2-7£1,700 – £4,100+

Average Cost Of A Screened-In Porch

screened in porch

The cost is a little bit higher than what the other options would be for the new porch. The average cost of a screened-in porch is around £4,000 – £5,000. However, if you are looking for a more high-end porch, the cost could increase up to £15,000.

Porch Repair or Porch Replacement

If your porch has been damaged and you are planning to renew it, you have two options: i) porch repair or ii) porch replacement.

Porch Replacement Cost

The cost of porch replacement will be slightly higher than the cost of a new porch because before start building a new one, you will have to remove the porch first. The cost of replacing an old porch is about £3,000 – £ 4,000.

Porch Repair Cost

It is a lot cheaper to repair the old porch than to replace it. However, before you do anything, you need to consult with a extension specialist about the level of repair work that it is required. The average cost of repairing a porch will be about £50 per hour and the basic work will take about 8 hours, which is equal to £400 per day.

Porch Extension Quotes

When your project plans has been drawn up and possible planning permission has been given, it will be the time to find a proper contractor for your porch extension project. Of course, you can choose the DIY project, but in the most of cases it`s your benefit to choose a professional contractor. You will get a guaranteed work for yourself and to be satisfied for the quality of the labor.

It will be your benefit, if you get free porch extension quotes at least from 3 contractors and compare them. Remember, that the cheapest won´t be always the best choice for you! Ask recommendations for porch contractor from your friends, neighbors etc. … Or if you see the porch, which appeals to you, ask from the owners of the house, who has been a builder for their porch.


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