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Plumbing Job Expenses and Respective Completion Durations

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In the year 2012, a ‘Which?’ survey of home improvement jobs was done in which 151 plumbers took part and provided valuable lessons and suggestions. This article is based on the same survey, and includes the costs and durations of various common services. Note that although VAT is not included, material and labour expenses are included in the costs.

1. New pedestal basin installation

The cost of this job will come around £80 to £140. Typically, the job costs about £100, and takes about 2 to 4 hours for completion. This is based on the assumption that there is no additional pipe-work required and that basin is supplied by the customer. The job includes installation of the new basin as well as removal and disposal of the old one.

2. New toilet installation

Expect to pay around £80 to £150, normally the cost being close to £115. The typical time taken for the job ranges from 2 to 4 hours, and the assumption that toilet is supplied by the customer and new pipe-work requirement does not apply prevails. The job includes disposal and removal of your old toilet and installation of a new one.

3. New bath installation

This job includes removal of your old bath as well as disposal of the same. New bath will be installed after removal, and customer has to supply the bath. Typical expense is £185, but can be as low as £150 in some cases and as high as £249 in some others. It takes about 3 to 6 hours of time.

4. Replacement of mixer tap of kitchen

The job revolves around installing a standard chrome mixer type of tap. Removal of old tap is included. Expect to spend anywhere from £75 to £150 although most jobs cost about £120 for 1 or 2 hours.

5. Toilet cistern ball valve replacement

This job replaces any faulty ball valve spotted in toilet cistern. Typical expense is £63, but may cost anything between £55 and £75, and it takes about an hour.

6. Fixing leaked tap in the kitchen

This service assumes that the tap is a standard mixer one and is leaking, which needs to be fixed. Cost revolves between £45 and £60, and you should expect to pay about £50. Time requirement is an hour.

7. Installation of external tap

If a tap needs to be installed behind your kitchen sink on the exterior wall, it will cost you around £80 to £120. Typical price is £95, and time requirement is one or two hours.

8. Fixing water pipe involving burst

The task needs about 2 hours or less to complete and expense is nearly £90. Expecting to pay £70 to £120 is a good start. It is assumed that the call is an emergency and there is easy access to the pipe.

9. Unblocking or fixing of toilet

This job costs about £60 to £90 including labour costs, material costs, and call-out charge. You should expect to pay approximately £80 and know that it will take 1 or 2 hours of time.

10. Gas central heating system power flush

The job takes into account all chemical costs and equipment costs, and the price starts from £350. The typical cost is £370, but can be as high as £450 in particular cases. Normally, one day is required for completion. Assumption is that a 10 radiator 3 bedded semi detached house is in question.

11. Cold water tank replacement

It is assumed that the replacement is of identical type, and the house involved is a semi detached one with 3 beds. Expect to pay anywhere from £200 to £350 including labour expenses and material expenses. It may require a half or a full day.

12. Hot water tank replacement

The assumptions of this service are the same as with cold water tanks, and the inclusions are the same too. The cost is between £395 and £550, typically fixed at £460, and it takes half or full day for completion.


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