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plumbing-workIf you come home to no water or have an unexpected drains problem you will need to call out an emergency plumber or drains contractor, unless you are a skilled DIY person. You will also need to have all the tools and materials to hand to quickly make the repair.

Getting caught unprepared with no water or facing a leaking drains system can be a nightmare, particularly if you have a small child, young family or dependent relatives. If you have not planned ahead and have to call in the first tradesman in the telephone book you could be at the mercy of an emergency tradesman who can name his price and charge an expensive call out fee.

As none of us wants to be in that situation, trying to find some plumbing or drains assistance whilst things are going wrong, it pays to prepare ahead and to understand who we could call out in our time of need.

Plumbing and Drains Care contracts

If you take out a Plumbing and Drains Care plan in advance you will be able to contact your emergency number to call out an expert to help you. As an alternative your home insurance policy may also include home emergency insurance. You need to check this carefully as a standard home insurance policy will not cover emergency tradesman costs, but it will cover any resulting damage to your home contents or the fabric of the house caused by the emergency.

British Gas

British Gas have been providing home maintenance contracts for many years and offer a Plumbing and Drains Care plan to cover these emergencies. With a nationwide trained workforce they are able to offer 24 hour emergency services to fix householders problems.

Emergency Call Out

If you do not want to pay for a monthly contract you can prepare by identifying good quality emergency services offered by established companies who you know will be available to help in your time of need. This is much better than trying to find and contact an emergency plumber or drains contractor whilst water if flooding through your home.

Some reputable companies offer emergency call out at reasonable rates often with guarantees. Fixed fees, no call out charge and 24 hour contact lines are some on offer.

HomeAdviceGuide Plumbing Network

HomeAdviceGuide has been assisting householders with their plumbing and drains emergencies for many years.

HomeAdviceGuide offer rapid, expert help when an emergency affects your home whether it is a drains, security or plumbing emergency. Just fill in a simply form and you will receive up to three calls from local local expert plumbers to your assistance.

Whenever you have a domestic emergency at night, during the weekend or on a Bank Holiday HomeAdviceGuide services are available to help and this site outlines all the emergency services they offer together with an overview of the alternatives available to you.


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