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Whether you absolutely hate the ugly wallpaper left to you by the previous tenants, or want your house repainted for selling it to someone else, our plasterers can help you get the most reliable experts within your budget to get your plastering job done like a dream.


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The basics of plastering

City of London plasterers do different types of decoration and construction related plastering jobs (also called plasterwork). Plaster is actually a power that consists of lime, gypsum or cement which can be added to water to make a paste. The paste hardens after drying, and becomes really tough. Plaster can be used inside as well as outside for decorating purposes. Utilization of sandpaper and metal for aesthetic look is common with plastering.

What do plasterers offer?

Majority of plasterers offer a range of other services along with basic plastering. Common services include pebble-dashing, wallpaper removing, rendering of exterior and interior, skimming or re-skimming, dry-lining, ceiling repairing associated with plaster, cracked wall repairing etc. You can find well-qualified experts of plastering in our database who have passed through rigorous testing processes in order to qualify as reliable and well-versed professionals.

The procedure of getting the job done

Plasterers City of London service always puts your needs first. You will be first consulted regarding all the aesthetic as well as practical factors of the job. Having performed inspection, drafts will be prepared. After approval of drafts by you, a final design including cost and material information will be given to you. The moment you sign, the job can commence. Based on the job, it may take only several hours, or may require several days for completion.

What exactly does ‘stucco’ mean?

The term ‘stucco’ means different kinds of aesthetic aspects of plastering. For instance, common stucco is made of three sand parts and a single hydraulic lime part. Rough stucco comes close to stonework, which is performed with rough hand float. Trowelled variety is performed by hand, and has very smooth finish. Bastard stucco provides smoothness as well. In coloured stucco, lime plaster is made use of to tint different colours such as black, grey, or red with the help of oxides.

City of London plastering expenses

With a good plastering finish, your home can look as good as new. Besides, if you are selling your house, you are almost guaranteed to get more money. It does not matter if the job you require done is really small including only one room, or is really big comprising the whole building exterior, because our professional plasterers can do everything with expertise.

The final cost of plastering depends mostly on the quantity of job and labour requirement. Whether it is your home or it is a retail place, our recognized City of London plasterers can perform anything for you for very competitive prices. The only thing you need to do is fill our form online, and describe what you require. Our services are geared toward making your life easier. Besides, you will get free quotes from our experts with no obligation of any kind.