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The cost of new windows may put some people off initially, but when you consider the benefits that they bring you, you may want to reassess. The question of new windows and how much they do can be answered easily below.

New Window Cost Summary

Price Range = £500 to £3,000
Average Cost = £1,000
Cheapest Price = £400

 What are the advantages of new windows?

Save money: The Energy Saving Trust states that by simply getting rid of your old singleglazed windows and getting new B – rated double glazing you could save you around GBP165 annually on your electricity bills. In the event that you can’t afford double glazing prefer for secondary glazing, you may still save about GBP100 per year on fuel bills
Comfort: Newer more efficient windows are going to be better at keeping heat in, meaning your property will remain warmer for longer
Quiet: Along with maintaining your house warmer, new windows should reduce noise pollution
Carbon footprint: If you are concerned concerning the environment then installing newer energy efficient windows will be the excellent choice, as you will use less fuel and generating less of the co2 that leads to global-warming, normally 680kg a year

New versus. replacement windows

Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are designed to change a current window. The system in which they are installed means they don’t become a ‘part of the home’, unlike a fresh construction new window.

New Windows

Even though your home isn’t new, nonetheless you can install new windows. The distinction between the two is that building windows requires a partial dismantling of your home’s exterior and a complete rebuild of the area round the window. Although this is more work, the result is a fully customised, well-fitted window.

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