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Roof Inspection Checklist Before Repairs

A roof protects your property from bad weather and burglars, so a yearly inspection to detect moisture intrusion and  directing repairs is something really worth doing!

Roof Inspection checklist

A roof inspection works in preventive way, allowing you to protect your roof from deteriorating, while saving you money from expensive future repairs. Adding at least one yearly reminder in your calendar, to identify and fix any problems, will save you of a lot of trouble.

It’s not always easy to tell if your roof needs a complete replacement or just some minor repairs done. Remember, re-roofing is much more expensive than a simple repair. If your roof looks bad, don’t jump into re-roofing planning just yet. Take a look at the chances of possible repairs to put it back in good condition. If you’re not sure whether your roof needs total replacement or just several repairs, you should contact a trusted local roofer about it. This will save you time, money, and effort in the long run.

Residential Roof Inspection Checklist

The following home roof inspection checklist is not a complete residential roof inspection checklist but it provides only roofing recommendations to consider.

  1. Severely damaged or blistered shingles
  2. Loose or missing shingles
  3. Loose or directly exposed nails to the environment
  4. Nails that pop out
  5. Broken or loose shingles at the ridge and hip lines
  6. Missing roofing caulk used to seal flashing
  7. Rusty or corroded metal flashing
  8. Damaged or missing flashing
  9. Sagging ridges
  10. Broken sealant bond on shingles
  11. Roof Shingle Granule Loss
  12. Chimney cracks
  13. Rubber boots at top of pipes
  14. Leaking or separated gutter downspouts
  15. Damaged or rotten fascia board
  16. Siding above the roof
  17. Well maintained and working gutters and eaves

Shingle roof inspection tips

If your home has a shingle roof and you notice curled, missing, cracked, or loose shingles, these are obvious signs of a heavily weathered and damaged roof. The presence of mold and dark patches are also signs that a new roof is necessary.

Flat roof inspection advice

Roof InspectionIf you have a flat roof, it needs regular inspection. A good water flow when it rains means that your roof is still most likely in top condition. The usual signs that a roof that needs repairing are cracks on the surface and edges. You’ll often be able to tell if your roof needs a total replacement if you’re experiencing any leakage. If you notice this, get help from an experienced roofing company.

Roofing experts can visit your home and help assess the damage to help find the best solution for your home. Another tip for your roof is to always get rid of leaves and random items from piling up at the gutters to avoid uneven weight as this can distort your roof and lead to unnecessary damage. It’s also a good way to get rid of mosquitoes from setting up an environment there.

Metal roofs inspection

Metal roofs may contract and/or expand over time and either way may cause screw and nails to loosen and come out. Old rust patches may cause holes as well over time. Then there are tile roofs that can show signs of deterioration when they start to crack. If you notice this, you can contact your preferred roofing speciaist  to help repair your roof or ask for quotes from several roofing specialists to get the best deal.

Slate roof inspection

If you have slate roofing, it may not be that easy to recognise damage or signs of deterioration. Broken, misplaced, or missing slates won’t cause leaks right away. However, when your roof starts to dip at a particular part of the house, it could mean that there already are missing or heavily damaged overlapping slates.

If you need a new roof or if you need roof repair and would like to have a seasoned roofing inspector come to your home to conduct roof inspection to help you decide if a metal roof repair or replacement is necessary and for getting a reasonable cost roof replacement, use HomeAdviceGuide services.

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