Moving Home with Cats

Moving Home with CatsCats are not quite happy with rapid changes in their immediate environment, what with being territorial creatures and all. If they have grown accustomed to a location and you suddenly whisk them away, Mr. Whiskers may not be exactly thrilled about his situation at all. You need to consider making your moving process more comfortable to your cats. You need to consider multiple ways you can do this so you can make the transition and moving house easier and safer by comparison to the usual fare. You need to make sure you work on the process to make it far less troublesome. Before you decide to move your cat, you should consider watching out for a few things such as this:

Get ready for moving day

One of the more important realities you will need to face is allowing your cat to adapt to the new environments out there. If your cat is quick on its feet, then you will have a really hard time trying to move them into a carrier. They will know what the carrier means and chances are they will do their best to run away from it. Some cats may be alright with carriers and travel, but in most cases they will not exactly feel pretty happy about the house moving process. You can also ease the trip by giving your cat some treats to lure it into the carrier, reinforcing the idea that the carrier is safe. This will help them sit inside without being stressed out, at least before the moving process is underway.

Making moving house a reality

When your movers arrive and the cat needs to go, you should do what you can to keep it in a different room while the work is going. Closed and
secured inside a carrier, the cat will have no issues with the strangers if the moving is going on in a different room. This will allow things to be much easier to handle and moving house will be something you do quickly. You would do well to give them some food, water and the bed inside, as well as keeping the movers from opening the door so the cat won’t run away. The last thing you need is your feline companion going nuts and being scared of strangers in the house.

Driving with your cat in the car

Moving Home with CatsSomething else you will need to watch out for is that cats are often stressing out inside a car due to the movement and sounds. It would be a pretty
rare thing for cats to keep calm during trips like those so you would do well to give them enough attention as you move forward. You need to take care of this to keep the carrier door closed at all times as well, so you can’t have a stressed out cat loose in the car. Each cat is different, so you may not have the same problems, but you never know. In the worst possible cases you may need to have a vet prescribe a mild sedative in some extreme cases.

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