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London Boiler Repair: Some Things You Should Know

london-mapBoilers often need maintenance, with the help of boiler repair London. It is hardly known just how influential it is in your daily life until it is broken. In London, boiler repair London is one of the most sought after services. It caters to the heart of the home, the source of main heating, is one of the most important aspects of living comfortably.

When that heart is in disrepair, there is no telling who you might survive the frigid cold winters of London. Boiler installation West London and repair is important, but where do you find someone to service your home? There is a group of people who are able to help regenerate that heart and warm your house once more.

Boiler repair in West London, north London, east London, central London, south London, and south west London can be a tricky service to find if you do not know who you are looking for. Boiler technicians specialise in installing and maintaining boilers. Finding a boiler technician can be relatively simple, but that doesn’t mean that they will be the most effective.

The best course of action is to do your research. You need to price match, look at licensing, and compare customer reviews. Finding information on boiler technicians, can be painstaking and time consuming. Here are some helpful hints, based on areas of London, that should help when finding the boiler technician for you.

Things to Know

Maintaining your own home can be tricky at best and a headache at worst. The last thing you want to deal with is having to find a new boiler, but it is often time an unavoidable problem. There are, however, some tip that you can know that can be used to make the whole ordeal less of a hassle. You need to know:

The difference between boilers

  • Gas Boilers
  • Oil Boilers
  • Combi Boilers
  • Electric Boilers

When is the best time to start thinking of replacing a boiler

  • Rust and sizing Issues
  • Leaks

How much a boiler costs on average

  • Low Efficiency
  • High Efficiency

The Difference Between Boilers

There are various different kinds of boilers to be considered. If you call for the installation of the wrong one, you might cause more damage than good. First you need to figure out which boiler you have installed in your home. If you are looking to build a new home, you need to figure out which boiler would best suit the home that you are building.

Gas Boilers

natural gas boilerGas boilers are powered by gas that comes through a gas pipe from the gas main in your street. This boiler is activated by an electric switch. A valve within the machine opens to alone gas to flow through it into a sealed chamber. This chamber is used for the controlled combustion of the gases.

The gas is pumped in through small jets and ignited with an electrical ignition system. A heat exchanger is then used to pull the heat from the ignited gas and use it to heat a pipe of water. The temperature of the water in the pipe can reach levels of up to sixty degrees Celsius.

However, the water pipe is just a small part of the mechanism used to heat homes. It pushes the water into a radiator which turns it around and transfers it back to the boiler. The radiator does just as the name suggests; it radiates heat into the surrounding area. By the time the water has made it back to the boiler, it has returned to a less heated temperature.

This is, essentially, the use of a boiler. It must remain on to keep the flow of heat circulating through the home. Is must keep the water temperature high in order to make sure that the radiator has the temperature needed to emit it any given area. Within the boiler, there is an electric pump that keeps the entire machine going.

Gas boilers are controlled by thermostats. You do have the option of getting an electronic programmer that will turn the boiler on at a certain time, one that is determined by you, but that is the only alternative to manually controlling it. Otherwise, with manual controlling, you have to turn the thermostat on whenever you want to heat your home. You will need gas boiler installers North London in order to ensure that your boiler is fitted with perfection.

Oil Boilers

Oil boiler tune upAn oil boiler is much like a gas boiler, only they use oil to heat as opposed to gas. Oil is pumped into the boiler from a storage tank that is separate from the machine. It is sprayed in using a mist form that goes through a blast tube and is ignited within the boiler tank. The mist allows the oil to mix seamlessly with the air and burns to make the heat needed for the boiler.

The air is heated in a heat exchanger, much like water is in a gas boiler, and the gases produced by the oil burning is expelled through a chimney. However, that is where the similarities between the two boilers end. The cost of boiler installation London is something that needs to be kept in mind. You will also need the best system boiler in order make sure that you get the highest value.

As opposed to pumping water into a radiator and back to the boiler, an oil boiler sends the heated air through the ductwork of the house. Then, as a result, the air is expelled through a vent in a room to heat it. This form of boiler usage even has an optional filtration system in the more modern models of these appliances. The filter is used to remove any of the residual impurities in the air so that breathing in the heated room is cleaner and safer, this is important if you need a boiler change..

Though this is a popular form of boiler, it does come with its cons. You would know if you had an oil boiler because you would have to procure oil for it on a semi-regular basis. This can get costly. However, the alternative is to have maintenance for both the boiler and the radiator as opposed to the low key maintenance for air ducts and vents.

Combi Boilers

Combi_BoilersA combi boiler is a combination of a water boiler and a central heating boiler. That is why it is called a combi boiler, because it is a combination of two boilers. This form of boiler is encased in a compact unit that make it a great space saver. You do not have to have a separate cylinder for hot water, so you have more room than a traditional boiler might supply. This is why this form of boiler has been increasing in popular amongst the United Kingdom inhabitants.

The way it work is a combi boiler uses the cold water from the water mains of the house. This is different than the more traditional variation of this boiler because you do not have to store your own hot water. It is an unvented boil, like most standard boilers, just with a second heating circuit. This supplies you with hot water whenever you might desire it.

Though this model also uses a heat exchanger, it is attached to the water mains. This means that hot water is accessible to you whenever needed. Combi boilers also pull more heat by using the gas that is released through the chimney. This function increases its efficiency factor.

This boiler is most useful in a home that is small. It takes up less space and emits just as much if not more heat than any of the other standard boilers. It also serves the purpose of heating water for you, so you can use it for more than just heating your space. You can use this water to run showers or wash dishes; and it is readily available whenever you need it. If you need help with combi

Electric Boilers

electric-boilerElectric boilers are considered the more environmentally conscious model of boiler. It is both safer and cleaner, not to mention the fact that it has the added bonus of being quieter. Though it is not the least expensive boiler, by far, it is considerable safer to use that either a gas or an oil boiler. It even compares with the combi boiler in terms of efficiency, being almost totally efficient because of the electricity used.

In an electric boiler, the water that is heated is done so with a vast amount of immersion heaters. The heaters heat the water internally and this causes the heat to radiate outward. These heaters, or components, are heated with electricity. It is used to replace the bottom burner in most other models of boilers. A circulating pump is used to supply the water for the boiler and an output tube runs the water through the house.

In certain models, there are even pressure relief valves and drain valves to increase efficiency. Gauges outside of the boiler are used to monitor the temperature and pressure of the water inside. Overall, it is a far safer option. It does not utilise deadly gases that can leak into the surrounding environment.

More or less, it is at the discretion of the boiler owner as to which one they want. If you are looking to switch boilers, know that there is an array of different types to choose from. Merely do your research to determine which one you might think is a better fit. If you already have one of these types and are happy with them, then routine maintenance is required to keep it in pristine shape.

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When to Start Thinking of Boiler Replacement

When should you start thinking about replacing a boiler? Just like anything else in life, boilers have a life expectancy to them. There are some that can go for decades without needing replacing, while others seem to stop working after only a few years. The trick to knowing when to replace your boiler is in the condition of the metal that your boiler is made out of. That is the most effective way of telling when to replace one without being a boiler technician.

Rust and Sizing Issues

Do a visual inspection of the boiler. You are going to not only look at the metal casing of it, but also any of the components such as doors and control. Also, take a look at whether the size boiler you have and whether it is the right one for the job it is doing. If the size of the boiler is not proportionate to the job being fulfilled, it would be wise to replace it regardless of its condition. As far as the metal goes, make sure that there is not any rust. Rust deteriorates metal and causes it to wear down with time.


Another way to check is to make sure there are not any leaks. Leaks are dangerous as they could lead to injury or even death. A leak in a boiler that uses gas to heat its air could cause an explosion. Boilers that require water could lose water due to a leak, resulting in a less efficient boiler. It is important to check for these near any rust spots that might have been spotted. These types of things could turn a five-year-old boiler into a useless one.

If you find any of these problems, it would be wise to replace your boiler as soon as possible. However, what is the general price of a boiler?

Average Cost of a Boiler

Low Effificency

The cost of a boiler depends on the type of boiler that you have. For a gas boiler, the price for the boiler (plus installation) can cost anywhere from 1,742 pounds to just under 3,500 pounds. This price, generally covers installation and the boiler itself. An oil boiler, on the other hand, is a bit more expensive at 2,000 pounds to just over 4,500 pounds. This boiler’s price, just like the gas one, also including installation and the boiler itself. Though these may seem costly, they are some of the least expensive of the boiler models.

High Efficiency

More high efficiency boilers, such as the combi and the electric boiler, can cost up to 8,000 pounds. However, just like most things in life, you pay a bigger price for a better product. These boilers are high efficiency for a reason, so you should expect to pay high efficiency price. In the end, these are merely estimates.

The best way to choose pricing is by contacting a boiler technician in your area. If you are not able to afford the cost of boiler, there are boiler grants available. is one such site that con provide information on how to receive a grant to heat your home.

Finding a London Boiler Service

Finding a local contractor, or a boiler technician, can actually be easier than most people make it out to be. The best thing to do is take a look at customer reviews. One of the best ways to find good reviews and contractors in your area is to take a look on the internet. has numerous postings for just about any area in London. Wherever you live in London, from Croydon to Enfield and Hillingdon to Havering, there is a contractor on that site that should be able to help you. not only lists their contact information, but it also has some reviews of people who have used the service.

There are plenty of different sites that list reviews and contact information for local contractors around London who can install and replace boilers. The trick to finding a great service is by doing your research. This is a lengthy process, sometimes a week to completion, and quite a costly one as well. So, make sure you do your research so you know that your money is being used in the most effective way.

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Requests and job leads for London Boilers

To get quotes and a contractor to do the work

Remove defunct baxi Bermuda back and fire front from lounge. Remove associated tank and excess pipework from airing cupboard, cables and thromostic control gear. Relocate new Valliant ELotec pro 24 condensing combi to kitchen cupboard (where gas meter is located, also close to mains water and drain for condensate, plug socket and suitable location for exterior vent through wall). Install scale reducer and mangnaclean filter. Utilise existing pipework running through bottom of cupboard to replumb into heating system. Install a digital wireless room thermostat and integral timer. Make all necessary pipework amendments. Fill,flush,test,add inhibitor and commission.

Boiler type: Central heating and hot water

Job type: Refurbishment

Energy type: Supply & Install

Property type: Flat, apartment

Number of rooms (total): 5

Job start date: Less than two months

To get quotes and a contractor to do the work

I currently live in a 2 bedroom flat and have a Radiant combi-boiler that is over 8 years old and I would like to replace it with either; Worcester Bosch 25si Greenstar Boiler Or VAILLANT Ecotec Boiler Your fee should include under taking the following work: Prepare site remove kitchen cupboard. Decommission old boiler, drain system, and remove boiler and flue. 2. To supply and install boiler in the same position inside the kitchen cupboard. 3. To extend pipework to pick existing supplies filling a magnetic filler on the heating return in cupboard below worktop (where gas meter is fitted). To supply/fit scale reducer on cold supply to new boiler. 4. To replace 4 pair of radiator valves, as existing are old and would benefit having thermostatic valves on 2 rads. 5. To run wiring for a programmable room thermostat to be fitted on lounge wall, right hand of kitchen door, so you can control heating time and room temperature. 6. To run condensate pipe to suitable waste/drain. 7. The system will need to be then flushed and tested. I will also require a certificate certifying this. Please could you also confirm details of warrantees provided by yourselves and the product manufacturers. I would be grateful if you could also provide details of timescale and dates when you are able to commence work , should you quote be accepted

Boiler type: Central heating and hot water

Job type: Refurbishment

Energy type: Supply & Install

Property type: Flat, apartment

Number of rooms (total): 5

Job start date: Less than two months

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