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Leeds Boiler Installation & Repair Services

leeds-boiler-adviceFor a variety of reasons, boilers are usually regarded as inscrutable, mysterious pieces of machinery that cannot be understood without the help of a Leeds boiler repair service man or Leeds installation repair service man. While it is true that boilers, whether new boilers or old boilers are very technical items, it would definitely be very helpful if a homeowner was aware of some basic facts about them, in order to promote better understanding for when it is necessary to make a decision on boiler installation, boiler service or boiler repair, whether in Leeds or elsewhere.

Homeowner’s Options

As with other appliances that you might purchase in your Leeds home, boilers present you with a lot of different options, from size and function to type and brand name, models and a lot of other distinguishing factors. The first thing you’re going to have to work with is the type of boiler, and that is usually determined by exact fuel that it requires to function. Leeds boiler installation is not something that should be undertaken without proper research having been done to find the exact requirements and factors surrounding the home in which the boiler is to be used. A Leeds boiler, whether gas, oil or electric, that is purchased after due diligence has been done in terms of research, is likely to function for much longer than one that is a spur of the moment purchases, without adequate thought having been given.

How to detect boiler issues

Once you have conducted the necessary research and determined exactly what boiler product you have, you will then have to decide whether to engage the services of a Leeds boiler repair service or a Leeds new boiler replacement and installation service. To decide, you must confirm that the size and capacity of the boiler is sufficient for the house it is supposed to serve. This is obviously in order to determine if the occupants of the house will be able to properly benefit from the functioning of the boiler.

Afterward, you must inspect the boiler and ensure that there is no rust in it. Rust can damage boilers, same as with all other metal appliances, so in order to ensure the life of the boiler, you must be sure that there is no rust on or around it. If there is, then you will have to take fast measures to remove it, to avoid it spreading and causing further damage to the boiler. This will involve hiring a Leeds boiler repair service.

Leaks are another major problem that you have to watch out for as a boiler user. They can be very dangerous, depending on the particular type of boiler in question. In the event that it is a gas boiler, leaks can result in explosions that could cause serious injury or even death, while in the case of oil boilers, a leak would significantly reduce the efficiency of the boiler, practically rendering it useless.

When is the best time to replace your boiler?

boiler_replacementIf after assessing your present boiler, you discover issues like rust, leaks or that it is simply too old to function properly anymore, then you will be considering a Leeds new boiler installation. Leeds boiler replacements can be conducted fairly easily, after engaging the service of professional Leeds boiler fitters who will fix a new boiler in your Leeds home. You should ensure that any contractor you hire is licensed, in order to have the utmost assurance that the person knows what he is doing very well, and is covered by the law.

As you are hiring the people who will install your new boiler in your Leeds home, you must also give some thought to the question of exactly what type of boiler you are going to have installed.

Gas Boilers

natural gas boilerGas boilers are called gas boilers for the simple reason that they are powered by gas, usually from the gas mains in your street. A valve inside the machine is opened when an electric switch is depressed, thereby making it possible for gas to low into a sealed chamber when it then combusts and the heat is channelled to heat some water. A radiator then takes the heat that is generated and radiates it into the surrounding environment. The temperature of the radiated heat can either be switched on and off manually, or via an electronically programmed thermostat that will do the switching automatically, according to pre-set schedules.

Oil Boilers

oil-boilerOil boilers function in much the same way as gas boilers, with the major difference as can be seen from their names, being that oil boilers run in oil rather than gas. A separate tank is attached to the machine, and oil is pumped from it into the machine, sprayed in a mist into the boiler tank where it is then ignited and the heat from it channelled to heat water. The heat from the boiling water is then circulated around the house through ductwork that had been installed in the house. This is as opposed to a gas boiler that relies on a radiator to spread the heat around.

Oil boilers are very popular in Leeds installations, but the costs of purchasing oil can become hefty after some time.

Electric Boilers

electric-boilerElectric boilers also rely on the same principles as the other types, with the major difference being that they are powered by electricity. Although they are significantly more expensive than oil or gas boilers, most Leeds homeowners find the prices worthy due to the benefits in safety, cleanliness and quietness.

Combi Boilers 

These boilers usually combine a water boiler and a central heating boiler, which is why they are called combi boilers. They are usually encased in a compact unit that saves quite a lot of space. They are multipurpose in that they can be used to heat water for other purposes other than just heating the home. For instance, hot water for showers and dishes can be gotten from combi boilers.

How to find quality local boiler installers

A Leeds boiler repair service or new boiler installation service is now easy. Simply follow the link bellow and you will receive three free estimates from local boiler engineers.

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