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Latest viessmann range of condensing boilers

In the past, Viessmann has had excellent reception in the UK market with their previous 100-W WB1B heating system range. Their latest range of condensing boilers is a vast improvement from their older range offering standout features that will appeal to both consumers and installers alike.

The Vitodens 100-W, Viessmann’s new range of condensing boilers, operates on gas; making it even more cost-effective to run and simpler to install. It is available in outputs of 19 to 35kW and is designed with small spaces in mind. The largest 35kW model measures at only 350mm by 700mm in size.

The new range also offers a longer service life featuring improved, tried and tested components. The German-made Inox-radical heat exchanger within the unit achieves a 90.4% seasonal efficiency and is backed up with a 10-year warranty. The heating surface is made from stainless steel which allows condensate to slide off downwards, creating a permanent self-cleaning effect. Most parts are easily accessible from the front which makes it even easier and quicker to service.

Apart from that, the Vitodens 100-W is much lighter due to a new case design, and is one of the quietest boilers in its group. Each unit features low emission combustion along with a generous 19-metre flue length for portability. Users can also control the boiler wirelessly from an LCD screen interface and digital plug-in controls.

Adding to its cost effectiveness, consumers can achieve further savings by complimenting the unit with an outdoor temperature sensor. The sensor detects the current weather outside and automatically switches to weather compensation mode, giving you a savings of up to 12% in running costs a year.

With their Vitodens 100-W range, Viessmann has really delivered a competitive product to the market. Both installers and users will find great value in this high performance and easy-to-use condensing boiler range, and find it especially suited to the local UK lifestyle.

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