kitchen-layout_triangle-e1286017359569The beginning stages of planning a new kitchen layout can be overwhelming and daunting, especially because there are so many material and style options.  Kitchen layout planning is crucial to the overall look and feel of your new area, and should therefore be approached with both care and consideration. If you are unsure of what, exactly, you have in mind for your new kitchen, it may be a good idea to briefly look over all the different options and make notes about which jump out to you. Another option is to enlist the help of a professional in the kitchen layout planning business.

This will help you effectively wade through all your options, but it is typically a good idea to have some idea of what you are looking for first. Exerts will be able to help you formulate and solidify your kitchen layout planning, including what items you should most definitely have with your new design. For an effective design that ensures a usable and functional kitchen it is ideal to consider the following:


  • It is best to go with more classic styles, rather than falling victim to a trend of the moment.Classic styles will undoubtedly get better with age, whereas basing your kitchen layout planning around current trends may lead to redoing the kitchen sooner than you wished. Classic styles are also a good idea to up your home’s overall value
  • Incorporate lots of light, both natural and artificial (where needed)
  • It is a good idea to plan for a lot of storage. Storage is essential whether you live in a large or small space and particularly important if you have children! Built-in storage options can be easily accessible to children if you so wish, eg. for toy storage, or alternatively child safety measures can be included to prevent access
  • Planning for storage in the corners is a great way to utilize any given space. Corner units pull out around ninety degrees and contain wire baskets ensuring easily viewable and accessible storage rather than having to bend and searcb uncomfortably at the back of a cupboard! Similarly carousel units, le mans units and pull out baskets have the same function
  • Pan drawers have a high load-bearing capacity, and are really wide and deep, making them fully accessible and easy to find whatever you need
  • It is safe to say you have wished there was more counter space in either your current kitchen or in a previous house. It is therefore important to include tons of counter space, you can never have too much!
  • Install cupboards in your kitchen layout planning that reach up to the ceiling. This makes use of otherwise unused space for storage and also makes cleaning easier, as you won’t be bothered with dusting the tops of the cupboards!
  • Be sure to double check that your worktops are fitted at a height to suit you; too high and working at them is awkward and uncomfortable, too low and you will be constantly leaning over and risk hurting your back
  • It is helpful to advise your designer to what your dominant hand is; eg. if you are right-handed then ensure your cooker is to the right-hand side of your main food preparation worktop area
  • Aside from the working triangle, make sure all areas of the kitchen are easily accessible. You want to ensure you will be able to get past an open dishwasher, for example
  • Save space by installing built-in microwaves and fridges, this will save you counter space and leave plenty of room for other appliances
  • It may be a good idea to include a prep sink in your kitchen layout planning. They can be quite useful because they are smaller than a main sink, so are ideal for washing hands and vegetables or draining pasta whilst avoiding contact with dirty dishes or dishwater
  • A kitchen design that will be easy for you to clean is key so bear this in mind when considering your design and choice of finish
  • Remember to include more sockets within your design than you think you will need, you can never have too many!
  • You ca use towel rails instead radiators as they’re perfect for drying your towels and also for warming (their primary purpose) your house.
  • Keep in mind that it is wise to place your dishwasher and bin closest to the sink, making loading and unloading more streamlined
  • Wall units are ideal for storing mugs, glasses and crockery, but you need to ensure they are not overbearing so glass fronted doors or open shelving may be an option if you are concerned about this as they enhance rather than restrict the feeling of space
  • Plan for possible future needs for yourself as well as any children you have (or may have). Planning for the future is imperative to a well-working kitchen that will last for many years
  • While the above list is certainly not exhaustive, it gives you a starting point when you are at the early stages of kitchen layout planning. An expert designer will also be able to give you  solid advice and steer your in the right direction, ensuring you are not left with a kitchen that is dysfunctional! However, it is best to have some ideas of what you are looking for when meeting with a designer, this will allow them to tailor their kitchen layout planning to your specific wants and needs. And in doing so, your kitchen designer should be able to produce a design for you that optimises the space available, including design options to meet your personal needs, whilst at the same time looking every bit as beautiful as you could wish for.

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