The security of your family and your home is your number one priority, but are you doing everything that you can to ensure their safety? If you are considering installing an intruder alarm and your want to find out more about the burglar alarm installation cost, this guide will answer all your questions.

intruder alarm systems

Burglar alarms can be an excellent first line of defence, but there’s a wide range to choose from. People can become confused by what burglar alarm systems they need, or they may be worried about the cost of a burglar alarm. Using this guide your questions will instantly get answer and we’ll help you to decide which house alarm system is the perfect choice for your home.

Installing a New Burglar Alarm

Fitting a new burglar alarm can seem like a tiresome job; after all, you’ve lasted this long already without a serious break-in, and it’s unlikely to happen now just because your old model has ran out of batteries, right? Well actually, that’s exactly why it might happen.  Most home intruders are deterred by the simple presence of a well-lit and/or audible working burglar alarm unit installed on the exterior of the property y – so just a weekly check could help keep you, your family and your valuables safe for longer than you might think.

Why install a burglar alarm?

Even if you have not already install a burglar alarm, however, there are several other reasons to get one installed. Imagine going away for a fun family holiday, a bit of time for rest and relaxation – only to finally get home (perhaps after an uncomfortable flight) to find the house trashed – your rooms ruined, the valuables gone – and perhaps even sentimental items snatched too.

You are then faced with calling insurance companies and filing charges for the next few weeks – and suddenly installing a new burglar alarm doesn’t seem like so much of a hassle. But exactly how much does it cost? And what kinds of burglar alarm are available?

We all know somebody that cat’s been burgled. The effects can be devastating, both in terms of property that’s lost and the psychological effect it can have. In many areas, break ins and burglaries are on the rise, but thieves are often opportune.

One of the ways they do this is to find a property that has no visible intruder alarm system, or that has a burglar alarm that looks old, damaged or poorly maintained. By having a high quality, new, and visible intruder alarm system, you can deter many opportune thieves from attempting to access your property. They’ll pass by, and find an alternative location that isn’t as secure.

Also the burglar alarm will alert you regarding the intruder attempt to enter your home. Some burglar alarm systems will alert designated key holders if you’re away, or even send an alert directly to the police. This knowledge is power in your battle against crime

Types of Burglar Alarm Systems

There are two major types of burglar alarm system to choose from – hard-wired and wireless.

  1. Hard-Wired Burglar Alarm Systems – these systems are robust, reliable and require less maintenance than a wireless service – they rarely suffer from signal failure or connection problems, and are fitted directly into the fabric of your home – so you won’t have to worry about the system going down while you’re out or away, and your property is protected for longer. Hard-wired burglar alarms should also comply with British Standards 4737 or BS ENS0131.
  2. Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems – unlike hard-wired burglar alarms, wireless burglar alarm systems work without any significant lifting, drilling or building. They often work at a greater connection speed too (if you live in a good signal area), and rarely cut-out – although the risk is increased a little. They are also portable, so you can take them with you if you ever end up moving home; and they are cheaper to install – helping to save you a bit of extra cash and reduce your home alarm cost! Wireless burglar alarms should also comply with British Standards 6769 Class VI.

Burglar alarm system installation costs

Having a burglar alarm system installed can involve several start up costs, as well as maintenance costs, but what price can you out on peace of mind? Some people choose to buy house alarms and then fit the system themselves. Home installation can be an option if you have a basic system, and are qualified as an electrician. If you want a more advanced system, however, it makes much more sense to engage the services of a professional burglar alarm installer.

Burglar Alarm Cost

The burglar alarm cost can vary depending upon the kind of intruder alarm system that you opt for, the size of the building that’s being protected, and the area of the country that you live in. The figures below will give you an indication of the typical burglar alarm cost:

Basic alarm system installation – £99 Speech dialler system – £100 – £150

Bells only audible alarm system – £300 – £600

Annual intruder alarm servicing and maintenance – £99 – £150 per annum

Designated key holder monitoring service – £70 – £175

Automatic police response burglar alarm systems – £200 upwards, depending upon the police authority.

You can see from this list how many varieties of burglar alarm system are available. Also take into account that there are now wireless and hard-wired alarms. The best wireless alarm systems can be more expensive, but they are more aesthetically pleasing and usually offer increased functionality.

Who can install my burglar alarm system?

Sophisticated intruder alarm systems should be installed by a qualified and experienced alarm engineer. Some major national companies, such as Chubb and ADT have their own in-house alarm fitters, but this could limit the choice of alarm system.

Independent burglar alarm fitters can be found through search engines or the local media. Look for an alarm engineer who is registered with the National Security Inspectorate. The NSI inspect and certify alarm fitters, to ensure that they reach the highest industry standards, as well as passing criminal checks.

Alarm monitoring costs

vYou can’t be at your property 24 hours a day. What would happen if an intruder tries to gain entry while you are out, or on holiday? How long would it take to answer to the alert and who would respond it? If you use an alarm monitoring service, or automatic police response system, you won’t have to worry.

Alarm monitoring services are often offered by the alarm manufacturer, or independent security companies. Your alarm fitter may know of a suitable security company in your area. If your house alarm is triggered at any time of day or night, they will respond quickly and efficiently. They can also act as key holders, or contact the key holders that you have designated.

High quality intruder alarm systems may be eligible to be registered with your local police authority, thus ensuring an automatic police response if they are triggered. You may need to supply the police force with the contact details of key holders, and always bear in mind that the speed of attendance may be dependant upon how many false alarms have been triggered in the previous twelve months. An advanced intruder alarm system will avoid the lower priority case from the local police in case have been false alarms previously.

Having a house alarm fitted can save you money, and provide reassurance for you and your family. For many people, that makes burglar alarm systems worth every penny.

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