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Communication is an important aspect of life. Often people are looking for better, quicker and cheaper means of communication in the home, workplace or even school. If you fall into this category of people then, you need to install an intercom system. Intercom system has a wide range of use and application such as;


  • In large homes or multilevel homes, wireless intercom makes life easier for people living in a large house or a large family. The intercom could be used to wake up members of the family, invite family member for meals as well as pass other information
  •  Become very helpful in hospitals and schools where people are usually summoned through the intercom.
  •  It is helpful in private residential areas and flats to inform occupant or to enable them identify visitors.
  •  Intercom can be used in office buildings to provide means of communication between workers in different departments especially, where the building is large or multilevel.
  •  It could be used for communication between workers in factories and warehouses.
  •  It could as well be used in churches.
  •  In theaters and concert halls it is indispensable.

The major benefit of intercom system is that it can disseminate important information to people especially when they are in a large group.  This saves time that would have been used in attempting to deliver the message to the individual.  The good thing about intercom is that it can last for a long time if installed and maintained properly

Types of intercom system

Intercom can be classified into the following groups:

  • Portable – this type can be moved from one location to the other.  They are mostly used in homes and other smaller buildings.
  • Permanent – this type ofsystem is permanently installed to structures. They are ideal for private residential areas, schools,hospitals, factories, large companies and business premises.

Things to consider when installing an intercom

It is important that certain factors are considered when you plan to install the device.

  • Range – it is important to know the range of communication before installing an intercom system that will inform the type of intercom to install. For example a home intercom system have a range of about 1000 to 1500 feet but could be expanded if necessary.
  • Technology-you have the option of choosing between wired systems and Wireless System.  Wireless System are most affordable and are portable as well.  They are mostly used in homes while, the wired system is permanent and covers as a wider range of communication.  It is expensive because it requires extra investment for wiring and installations.
  • Security- Some intercom system also have some security features. For instance integrating a door system with recording feature. This can help a lot in the security of a facility or home.

However, whichever types of intercom system you to decide on,there are specialists who can have them fixed for you. Just make a choice and get a professional install it for you.

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