If you want to extend your home but are lacking in outdoor space, a lean-to conservatory could be the answer – find out why you should install one here.

Lean-to conservatories are elegant structures that fit snugly onto the side or back of your home; providing a relaxing space to spend time in whatever the season. Installing a lean-to conservatory is also a fairly cheap and easy process.

What’s the difference between a lean-to conservatory and a normal conservatory?

Lean-to conservatories (or sunrooms as they are often called) are particularly good for homes with less outdoor space. Typically, the lean-to conservatory has three sides, using an existing exterior wall to form the fourth. A lean-to conservatory is usually rectangular in shape with a slight sloping or flat roof which won’t obscure the view from upstairs windows. Lean-to conservatories are also appropriate for properties with limited space under the eaves.

Lean-to conservatories can be suitable for modern as well as older properties which gives them a wide ranging appeal. There are many different styles of lean-to conservatory so it is best to ask your contractor to talk you through them and decide which sort will best suit your property. For instance an L-shaped conservatory may best suit your property if you have space to the side and back of your home.Sunroom_Aluminium_Glass_Room_Conservatory_Garden_Conservatory1

Planning permission for a lean-to conservatory

Lean-to conservatories don’t usually require planning permission except if you live in a listed building or conservation area – consult with your local building authority if this is the case. Otherwise, conservatories are classed as permitted developments so long as they don’t take up more than 50% of your garden, face a road or reach higher than any existing roof of your property. The best way to ensure you are within the rules of the law is to hire a building contractor, who may deal with the planning permission stage for you.

How much does a lean-to conservatory cost?

The cost of your lean-to conservatory will be largely determined by its size, but generally, you should expect to pay around £10,000 for an average sized version. However, it is possible to build a small lean-to conservatory for as little as £5,000. Remember not to shy away when it comes to hiring a professional contractor who will do the job properly and with quality materials. Make sure to compare quotes from three or more contractors in order to get a competitive price; always check references and insurance credentials before you hire.

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