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Home fire alarm system Installation in Peterborough UK

fir alarmsystem installation peterboroughAccidental fires cause a number of injuries and fatalities year-on-year, not to mention millions of pounds in damage to building structures and household and business property. Yet an outbreak of fire isn’t always something we can control, installing a fire alarm system in Peterborough, where the local flat topography isn’t able to break the wind can be the best possible solution.

Early detection is particularly important, as fire spreads quicker than most people think and the dense, toxic smoke can cloud vision and block off vital escape routes.  Although a simple heat or smoke detector may not be the most effective piece of equipment, it is still known to save lives on a regular basis – so make sure yours is tested regularly.

Fire Protection Solutions in Peterborough

The most important thing is to notify the fire department and ensure the safe and successful evacuation of the building; home fire extinguishers and/or break-glass units can help significantly. There are also a number of more sophisticated methods that can be quickly and cheaply installed for the protection of you and your family at home, or your colleagues in the workplace.

Sprinkler systems

 The most popular sprinkler systems utilise a combination of devices that automatically distribute water where it is needed in the building and simultaneously sound a warning alarm. A wet pipe system is suitable for homes where there is no danger of the water freezing in the night; it involves the presence of continuous pressurised water in special bulbs that shatter once the liquid has expanded in response to increased heat.

Dry pipe Systems

A dry pipe system, on the other hand, involves the use of pressurised air; the installed sprinkler heads contain a small pellet shaped fusible alloy that is designed to melt at a pre-determined temperature; once it melts air rises into the pipes reducing the air pressure, which then releases a valve that allows water to flow freely from the main supply. Sprinkler systems can be expensive (especially the dry pipe option) but they cause less damage to property than fire hoses and have proven 98% effective at preventing fires from spreading to other rooms in the building.

Fire doors

fire-doorsFire doors are no longer restricted to heavy steel designs for major industries and warehouses, fire doors can offer increased security and can save
valuable time, allowing you to quickly get in touch with the fire brigade. The three main types of fire doors are FD30, FD60 and FD120– the numbers referring to the amount of time (in minutes) that the door is able to hold back the fire and prevent it from spreading into the next room.

There are also a variety of specialised options you can add to your fire doors, from smoke seals (which prevent the toxic fumes from escaping) to door closers (either automatic or by metal arm) to increase your home’s protection. Perfect for preserving more valuable items in your home until the fire service are able to abate the condition, the most basic frame of fire door costs as little as £120 plus installation costs that vary from anywhere between £60-£100, depending on the number of extras you want put in.

Fire alarm control panel 

An electronic fire alarm unit operates by monitoring your home at all times – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The most basic system consists of a main control panel that shows a number of LED lights, each of which represent a particular room or zone in the property.

If a smoke detector is triggered, a warning alarm will sound and you will have a preset amount of time to enter a special key code before the system notifies the fire department – allowing you to prevent a call out for a false alarm. The downside is that many of these systems function by receipt of monthly payments – meaning regular financial investment. Nevertheless, these electronic units can work in up to thirty two rooms or zones and can even reduce your insurance payments that cover you for fire costs, as the system usually gets the fire brigade to your home quicker than an ordinary call.

Cost of fire alarm systems in Peterborough

Whatever fire alarm system you decide to install in Peterborough, a professional fitter will make sure that it is neatly and safely installed with minimal disruption to your daily routine. If you are unsure about the type of fire alarm system that would be best suited to your business or home, you could always consult the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Fire Authority for advice, or an independent fire security expert. Although most fire alarm systems are rarely more than £500, the cheapest option isn’t always best and you should look around to be certain you have found the best deal and what is right for you and your home – above all you are purchasing peace of mind, which is after all, priceless.

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