Install Suspended CeilingUsing suspended ceiling tiles in a room has a lot of benefits; you can make the ceiling match the floor and all other interior decorations in a room. They come in different colors and patterns, ranging from wooden patterns to colors like sky blue, black, green, gold, white, etc. Suspended ceiling tiles are also quite easy to install, and fixing different designs of light on it is also made easy; it filters sound which makes it almost soundproof. Property maintenance is made easy as all you need is a cloth to wipe it clean when it starts looking dull or dirty – moving through the place with the cloth will be as easy as a pencil relocation. So if you are thinking of doing a home refurbishment, consider using suspended ceiling tiles.

To install these ceiling tiles, firstly, you will need to have an idea of how the tiles fit together. Also a few tools should be in place before getting started. You will need tools like:

  • Decorative snips
  • Rags and water
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Chalk
  • Scissors
  • Ceiling tile adhesive

To start your suspended ceiling tiles installation;

Draw a map of your ceiling showing location of the lights, corridors, doors, ceiling mount fixtures and closets. This should help you decide how and suspended ceiling installation serviceswhere you will start installing from and whether or not any house moving or relocation will be needed.

Using a chalk, draw two lines across the ceiling from one end of the ceiling to the other, making a cross sign in the center of the ceiling. Think of it as a cross-section during a relocation trip.

Apply the ceiling tile adhesive to the back of the tile. It’s more effective when applied around the edges and in the center because it will help the tiles look nice and flat. Be sure not to use too much adhesive just apply a reasonable amount in the right places.

Place the ceiling tiles 1\4 away from the chalk line then carefully press the tile on the ceiling, move it into its rightful position just against the line, which should make the adhesive spread a little. Apply pressure on the tile and using your hands smoothen it out and ensure the ceiling tile is placed firmly in its position.

When placing your number two ceiling tile, see that it is placed against the number one tile.

If you are still not confident that you can take on installing a suspended ceiling yourself after reading this guide, then you should get an expert to help you install it. Don’t play too much with the ceiling, because you don’t want to do any damages. Moving services are not very cheap, and the whole removals service process is a tedium you will want to avoid.

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