Important Questions to Ask a Roofing Contractor About a New Roof

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If you are thinking about putting a new roof on your home, there a few questions that you’ll want answered first before making a major commitment. While most roofing contractors are reputable and follow all rules and regulations as set by local and state authorities, you’ll want to know a few things first before deciding on even getting a new roof, much less selecting the right contractor.

Why Should I Get a New Roof?

The reasons for getting a new roof are rather straightforward;

  • Leaks after a Rainstorm
  • Missing or Cracked Shingles
  • Evidence of Decay or Rot
  • Leaks around Chimney
  • Stains on Interior Ceilings and Walls

You can conduct your own roof inspection first to spot any of the above conditions. If you see evidence of decaying or the first signs of a roof falling apart, then you’ll need to contact a reputable roofer.

How Do I Select the Right Roofer?

First, you will need to go to a respected source of roofing contractors, such as those found in Roofing Associations located in your state. The businesses that register with the roofing associations must meet certain standards and have had their practice for a period of time. Beware of roofers who have no connections to roofing associations, particularly ones that show up after a storm.

Once you have found a selection of reputable roofing companies, you can then separate them by their rates and services until you find one that meets your specific needs.

Do they Have Insurance?

In case of an accident, are the employees covered by insurance? You do not want to wind up having to pay for something that you didn’t cause. Reputable roofers cover their employees with insurance in cases of accidents and the like so that you are protected.

How Long to Install My New Roof

Unless you have an unusually large home, it generally takes one to two days to install a new asphalt shingle roof. Naturally, there may be delays due to weather or unforeseen events, but for normal size homes it may very well be done in a single day.

Are Metal Roofs Better than Standard Asphalt Shingles?

Yes. Metal roofs are generally fireproof and can withstand impacts that would penetrate an ordinary asphalt shingle roof. However, they are also much more expensive as well. Depending on how expensive it is to remove your old roof, a metal one generally costs twice as much and will take up to four times longer to install.

Are Warranties an Indication of How Long the Roof will Last?

No. Since the warranties are pro-rated over a period of time meaning that they will cover less as the years go by.

Can I Verify if My New Roof was Installed Correctly?

Yes. You can call a representative from the local or state government that will inspect your home for free to see if the roofer followed all the required rules and regulations. All states have had issues with bad roofing companies before so they will have a mechanism in place to inspect homes after a new roof has been installed.

How to ask roofing questions

When you meet with a professional roofer make sure you ask all these questions to get a very good understanding of what is needed and how will the work get done in the best possible way. However, standing in front of a roofer and firing all these questions one after the other can make you give a very bad impression and discourage the roofing contractor from working with you. Try to have a natural conversation with the tradesman to allow the professional to offer as much information as possible. It is also important to appear friendly and approachable and to listen carefully everything that the roofing specialist has to say before asking any additional questions.


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