quality kitchen fitterRemodelling and fitting a new kitchen is something that needs to be well researched and look into as it is an expensive and important purchase. Being able to find and trust a kitchen fitter is as vital as choosing the kitchen itself.

If they fail to do a good job it can leave you with an unfinished, substandard and potentially unsafe kitchen that will cost to get fixed. To avoid all this you need to find a quality kitchen fitter. Below is a guide to help you find a choose the best kitchen fitter for you.

When looking for a kitchen installer try and find contractor who only fits kitchens

It might sound strange as tradesmen tend to be all rounder’s when it comes to kitchen installations but if you can get one that just fits kitchens then they will be more specialised. They have a mentality that is focused on kitchens and can easily identify and work out the intricacies of the job. If you choose a fitter who does a bit of everything then they could have been fitting roof tiles one day and then your kitchen the next so see it as a job and probably won’t share the passion and knowledge of a fitter who specialises in kitchens installations.

Look for professional and friendly services 

The biggest element here is having trust in the kitchen fitter. To find this then it is good to use a fitter that is regularly used by the company that designed your kitchen. This shows a relationship of trust between them so should translate into the same with customers. The kitchen installer will be with you throughout the project so should show you and your house respect.

Always prefer recommended kitchen fitters 

A good kitchen fitter should come from good recommendations. Advice from friends or word of mouth is a good place to start plus you can see some of the examples of their work this way. As mentioned you can ask for advice and suggestions from the kitchen design company,  as they will know people who have dealt with their designs before and know how make them a reality. There are also a number of websites that you can find recommended tradesmen, read feedback from previous customers and see what qualifications they have.

Avoid selecting only based on price

Don’t choose the first kitchen fitter that comes along because they offer the best price. Although you may think you are saving money and getting a good deal it could end up meaning you will have to hire a new fitter or pay out more money as they have not done the fitting to the highest standards possible. Choose a quality kitchen fitter even if it means paying a slightly higher price as you are paying for the quality of your kitchen and the guarantee it will be a safe, working place for many years.

Look for a kitchen installer that is qualified and uses accredited contractors alongside them

When fitting a kitchen there will be a need for people to deal with gas, electrics and water. A good fitter will understand this and make sure the contractors they bring in are certified to make sure the work they do is safe and meets the correct standards needed.

Find professional kitchen fitters that understands your needs

professional-kitchen-fiiterLastly and very importantly you need to look for a kitchen fitter that understands what you want and has your best interests at heart. Don’t feel obliged to sign up straight away with a fitter. Most good quality ones will provide a free quote and meet with you to go through what you would like.

If you find you are on the same wavelength as them and would be happy to tell them you want changes then that is a good starting sign. A good fitter will also look at your plans and be honest with what they think, any tricky areas or suggests that would work with what you want.

If all they want to do is discuss money and don’t show an interest in your designs or place it is a good indication to steer clear. A good fitter sees his work as a visual CV so will be striving to do the best job he can.

Getting a good kitchen fitter shouldn’t be a problematic experience. By following these guidelines you should end up with the kitchen of your dreams.

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