Foxes are not only pretty forest animals. They can become a difficult pest or even a dangerous predator if they choose your suburban household as pest control coventrytheir favorite location. Foxes are known to make their burrow underneath sheds or cellars in suburban areas of Coventry. In such cases, we’re talking about a fox infestation.

Fox infestations are not considered as popular story as a basement full of rats or a thousand spiders crawling out of a cupboard. For that reason, people tend to pay less attention to these creatures. However, it is estimated that around 33 000 foxes roam around urban areas of UK. If your home becomes their favorite location, you are in for a world of problems. These animals are mobile, quick and very difficult to catch or repel. For that reason, as soon as you determine the problem, it’s best to contact professional pest control services in Coventry.  

Adaptable animals

Foxes are very adaptable animals that can feed on a variety of food widely available in urban and especially suburban areas. They can eat mice and birds, but also berries, worms and spiders. They go through your garbage, and wait for an opportunity to snatch a chicken or two. All the food they can’t eat they will hide in a small hole in the ground for later.

Pest control companies in Coventry have reliable professional staff, qualified to give you detailed information on what to do in case foxes come in numbers and decide to stick around your home.

Foxes are known to attack children

 A fox will not hesitate to attack a child when feeling endangered . A cornered fox will leap into panic and become vicious and aggressive, proving their predator nature. Even though attacks on humans are extremely rare, one would not toy with whims of nature when children are involved.

In order to make sure your family stays safe, some safety measures are recommended when dealing with foxes. Pest control services in Coventry can give you step to step advice on how to behave when foxes are around.

Foxes carry diseases

Despite common beliefs, foxes don’t carry rabies. It is a rare occasion for a fox to get such a serious disease, almost impossible, since UK has been free of rabies for years. Still, in such situations, signs would be obvious and the fox, especially in urban areas, would quickly be eradicated. Rabies, aside, foxes do carry diseases like toxoplasmosis and it’s not unusual for them to have worms. Foxes can also have parasitic mites on them and can easily transfer them to your pets.

Loud and murderous

Foxes attack and kill your pets. Luckily, in most cases, they are not big enough to harm cats and dogs, but rabbits, guinea pigs and other small creatures will be their target if given the opportunity. If your home has a henhouse, like the saying says – once fox enters, chickens are as good as gone.

Urban foxes cause serious problems for homeowners during their mating season. They disrupt the sleep of anyone in the vicinity because of their mating rituals that include screaming and barking. If you want your healthy sleep back, get in touch with the local pest controller in Coventry and reclaim your peace.

Signs of a fox infestation

How to know if your home is one of the favorite locations for foxes to gather? There are several signs to know if a pair of eyes is lurking from the fox infestationcorner of your garden, even if you don’t see them. Foxes leave paw prints behind. A very characteristic set of prints will give you a good idea on how many unwanted visitors are roaming your property. Another method of determining if foxes target your home are unexplained holes in the ground. Foxes have hole digging habits. They will dig the earth to make a shelter for themselves.

If you notice such signs, or see the fox more than once in plain sight, it’s a good idea to get help from Pest control companies in Coventry and have professionals make sure foxes avoid your premises in future.

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