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bathroom-under-stairs-229x300Got some extra space under your stairs – then why not considering converting it into an additional bathroom?

Many homeowners fail to take advantage of excess space under their stairs. Many use it as a cupboard for storing shoes and hats, but when you consider the potentialof the space, there’s a far more useful way it could be used. If you’re renowned for complaining of lack of space within your home, then it’s time to convert that clothing dumping ground into a fully functioning bathroom.

Why convert?

Converting your under-stair space into a small bathroom can reallyhelp to improve the functionality of your home. Firstly, you won’t need tofumble around in the dark through the forest of jackets just to find your hat. Secondly,the extra bathroom can prove to be incredibly useful, particularly for busyhouseholds. A second bathroom can also add value to the home if it’s installedproperly and so can be a fantastic selling point.

Installing a bathroom in the small space can make it feel more like a valid room,rather than an area for storage. If you’re worried about where to store yourjackets and shoes then shoe racks and coat trees can turn your storage intomore of an ornamental feature – perfect for hallways.

Once you’ve cleared your cupboard under the stairs it’s timeto start visualising it as a small bathroom. Although the space under yourstairs might not be the largest, a cloakroom suite could be the perfect way ofutilising the space to its full potential. Now it’s no longer a dumping ground you may even find it feels more spacious than before. To ensure the bathroom is as functional as possible you’ll have to identify space saving bathroom suites that are designed to fitin compact spaces.

Corner Suites

Corner bathroom suites are incredibly popular for smallbathrooms. Corner sinks with no pedestal can free up floor space as well aswall space. Corner toilets are also an option worth considering, they operatein the same manner as a conventional toilet but take up less space. Only optfor one item of your bathroom suite to be a corner one however, as it can looka little odd if both your toilet and sink are in corners.


Many homeowners don’t use corners to their full potential –allowing the space to go to waste. Utilising the corners within your home cancreate space for other necessary items and accessories. Corner shelves are perfect for displaying accessories on without compromising on space. Floating corner shelves are perfect for displaying vases of flowers on. They createdifferent visual levels in the room – great for improving aesthetics and addinga touch of personality to bathrooms, which are often impersonal.


In order to coordinate your bathroom with the rest of thehouse, you could use a similar colour scheme. Also, in many cases there’s nonatural source of light for your cloakroom suite, so a bright light will berequired to ensure optimum visibility and appearance. Air fresheners are essential to keep the bathroom smelling sweet if there’s no form of ventilation,preventing any unpleasant smells from drifting through your home.

Utilising the space under the stairs can really help you touse your home to its full potential. Savvy DIY-ers will spot areas of freespace and convert them into something useful – so becreative!

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