How To Choose The Best Type Of Window Blinds

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Installing new blinds provide a functional support to an existing window. They provide homeowners with privacy, protection from harmful sun ultraviolet rays. Last but not least, they spruce the window with colorful scenery. While there are different types of blinds on the market, please take the following factors into consideration:

Blinds and Shades:

1. Install shades that go along with the theme of your room. For instance, vertical blinds come from strong pieces of garment that cling to a track and linked to chain at the bottom. They are 90mm or 127mm wide and they can be pushed aside like curtains. Vertical blinds suit recently built homes along with tall and thin windows. Whereas, a wood blind come in the following types: red oak, western cedar or bras wood. They are 1”, 2” and 2 ½” in size.

2. Lastly, it is suitable for rooms with warm and friendly décor with wood floor such as a study room, however make sure it matches the furniture in the room Inquire about window coverings that conserve energy. Some do a better job at keeping out too much cold or heat thus resulting in less cooling or heating expenses. For example, cellular blinds with fold made in the cloth by folding the material onto itself entwined would be ideal for preventing energy from entering a room. Last but not least, they are cleaned easily.

3. Make sure you have the accurate size before ordering the blinds as it’s difficult to return or cut them in size. For outside mounted blind, that cover the edges of the window as well, add 10- 12 cm on any of the four side of the vertical blind or add 2- 3 cm on sides of the horizontal blinds. Regarding blinds that only cover the window frame make sure the measurements are precise. It is advisable not using wooden window blinds into the bathroom, due to high moisture condition.


Now that we’ve looked at tips for buying blinds, let’s check the intricacies of window blinds installation.

Inside mount wooden blind:

1. Install your mounted bracket up the window away from the glass. It will be easy to install if you’ll position the bracket in front of the window (by fastening with the screws). Create starter holes by tapping with a hammer into any two side bracket holes. Fasten your screws to secure the first bracket.

2. Install the right side of bracket and any additional support included.

3. Snap the included balance clips over the front lip of your head row before mounting the blind.

4. State your balances evenly, avoiding contact with any mechanism inside the top of the blind. Next, slide your headrow into the bracket and the close covers on your bracket by pressing the app on your bottom with your thumb while lowering the front of your bracket until the covers snap into place.

5. Lastly, snap the balance into your pre-installed clips top first then bottom.

In conclusion, please follow the window covering buying and installing tips to make an educated blind buying decision.

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